• Will there be a 2nd edition coming out anytime in the near future? I’ve read a lot about this game and have been intrigued by the concept of the game . Being an amateur historian as well as war gamer I have been a big fan of the A&A franchise. I loved the 1942 2nd edition and thought maybe a 1916 edition would be a good next step with this period game. Just a thought not a suggestion.

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    According to the Axis & Allies.org Newsletter that was sent out on December 13, 2016, “Axis & Allies 1914:  It’s rumored that once this version of Axis & Allies is sold out, there will not be another printing.”  The newsletter doesn’t give a source for this rumour.  The newsletter likewise doesn’t say if “there will not be another printing” means that this game will never be printed again in any form, or if it means that there will not be another printing of the current version because a second edition is in the works.  Hasbro / Wizards of the Coast / Larry Harris have tended in the past to keep a fairly tight lid on what plans they have for future A&A releases, and even about whether they have any such plans, and past official announcements about impending new game releases have sometimes come with little or no advance warning.  The folks on this forum who have a direct connection with Larry Harris for game development purposes are, as far as I know, bound by non-disclosure agreements about whatever games might be in the works, so they’re in no position to confirm or deny anything.  I think that the forum owner, djensen, sometimes gets advance knowledge of games that are on the verge of being released, but I don’t recall him mentioning anything about any new A&A games being in the works for the past three years or so.

  • Thank you for the information. The Axis and Allies games that have come out (including 2nd editions) have all been fantastic and very mush worth the wait. As far as 1914 goes more than likely I will end up getting it. i will look into buying some extra pieces due to that seeming to be a the most common complaint. Otherwise for the moderate to hardcore war gamer this game looks to be pretty darn awesome.

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    It might actually be cheaper and more useful to just buy two or more copies of the game, rather than one copy supplemented by separate extra pieces.  My guess is that the places like HBG which sell separate pieces get their inventory by buying whole copies of the game, breaking them apart, and selling the individual components at a sufficiently high markup to make a profit.  So unless you’re after just a few specific pieces in small numbers, it’s more cost effective for you to buy the whole game yourself in multiple copies and avoid the markup.  A&A 1914 and A&A 1941 are the two oddball (or let’s say non-mainstream) A&A board games in terms of their sculpts (and in other ways too in 1914’s case), so I’ve bought several copies of them because if they’re ever discontinued it’s unlikely that their sculpts will be obtainable from other A&A games.

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    Hi DSG and welcome to the forum.

    Marc’s advice will be particularly pertinent if, like me, you don’t live in the US. Eventually I gave up on HBG Europe and ordered from the US. Expensive pieces + shipping + duty = very expensive!


  • I live in Europe and got my extra pieces from HBG EU.
    Unfortunately they only had infantry left for the British and Italians.
    They don’t resupply anymore as far as I know.

  • That’s really unfortunate for you EU boys.  Besides a few waits on restocking, here, in the states, HBG has saved me at least $60 (or roughly half the price I paid for 1914) purchasing additional pieces for it.  Now, this is all inclusive with the additional pieces I purchased for my other versions, as well.  So, in my case, it was really not worth it purchasing an entire other copy.

    Must have additional pieces, for me, were:  Dice, GE Inf., RU Inf., Brit. Inf., roundels, and stacking chips.  Other than those, it’s just been nit-picky for what I wanted, not needed.

  • Anyone know where if there is a link to read older newsletters that A&A.org have sent out?

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