"The Spy"

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    That’s been discussed by me and Sean already. Was told that is not what the spy did.

  • A Spy in theory could do it. I can easily see a spy blowing something up if it covered his job for him to get out. The problem is that a spy “someone who watches” basically has no use in a game like this. However, according to wikipedia, a general term of the word “spy” also involves them destroying stuff too. So for the sake of logic, you should be able to let a spy destroy factories, ports, or airfields. However, it’s your unit so do what you wish.

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    I went with 3 options;
    1. Move into or out of a combat zone after opponents combat movement.
    2. Turn a strict neutral.
    3. Research and Development.

    This keeps it simple and leaves less to chance and requires more strategy. I made a video which also includes Railways and Hospitals. You can view it here;

  • Turn a strict neutral would have to most use for a spy in this case but at that point, it’s not a spy, just a political officer with a motive.

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    “The Spy” doesn’t represent a singular spy, it represents the whole espionage network and all of their political operatives. The spy refers to the player sitting at the table playing the nation who was lucky enough to win the roll for that round of play. They would be trying to turn a nation in their favour any number of ways including political influence, trade sanctions or incentives, staging coups, sowing the seeds of discontent amongst a nation’s population, etc. You have to use your imagination a bit to think of ways that you could turn any strict neutral and those ways would probably be different for each strict neutral nation.

  • Yeah, I get a spy isn’t a single unit. I don’t think an infantry is one soldier.

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