• Started playing A&A this year. Played an original box game with some friends who have been playing for years, but who hadn’t played in awhile. We got to looking and found global 1940 second edition and are in our second game with it. It’s been a blast! So saying hello from NC.

    Also one quick question, I have two transports parked off UK sea zone 109, if Germany sends a plane to destroy them can I scramble fighters? Or does scramble only work when it is a naval battle? His attacking my transports creates a “Sea Battle” and should allow a scramble, maybe?

    Much appreciated. Wish I had found this game a long time ago.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Yes, you can scramble in that situation.

  • If I am Germany and am going to send warships to attack U.K. Warships off U.K. Coast, and I bomb the uk airbase successfully disabling it same turn, can uk still scramble? Scramble decision takes place before any bombing runs are made or any combat, so they’d technically already be scrambled in the air before I bomb the air base. Would I have to bomb the base the round before and hope they don’t pay to fix it, and then naval assault?

  • Hi Strollmasta and welcome to Paradise  :lol:

    Correct, if you want to deny UK to scramble, then you must make Italy bomb the UK Airbase before your attack. In this case there are no way UK can fix the base before you attack them. This game sure favor the cunning teamwork  🙂 🙂

  • Thank you! That makes sense. That’ll make a mess for uk to deal with lol.

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