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    In the Pacific rule book, states, If Japan makes any unprovoked declaration of war against, ANZAC, UK, or US, US is given a one time payment of 30 IPC’s.

    I didn’t see this rule in the Global section, is this a Pacific rule only? …… we always played with it, as we started with Pacific, but I was working on some new game aids, and noticed its not there.

    So when playing Global, use or lose it? Thanks.

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    Pacific only, indeed. As the “Political Situation” rules of Pacific are replaced by those of Global.

    Also stated in the official FAQ:


    Page 9, The Political Situation, The United States: This paragraph should read “The United States
    begins the game neutral. It may not declare war on Japan unless Japan first declares war on it or makes
    an unprovoked declaration of war against the United Kingdom or ANZAC. Following any such unprovoked
    declaration of war by Japan, the United States will receive an immediate one-time bonus payment of 30
    IPCs, representing the total mobilization and transfer of military assets within the continental United
    States. However, if the United States is still not at war with Japan by the Collect Income phase of its third
    turn, it may declare war on Japan at the beginning of that phase. This is an exception to the rules for
    declaring war (see “Declaring War,” page 11), which may normally be done only at the beginning of the
    Combat Move phase.” (Note that this change applies only to the Pacific rules, and not to the Global

    HTH 🙂

  • This could be a nice alternative to a bid, have the US get a cashbonus once they are declared upon.

    Generaly most people think that slowplay with japan is not the best way to handle them so this could give them an incentive to slow down.

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    Thanks for the replies, my book don’t state that last part. I always thought it was a little weird about all the comments being the game is unbalanced. We’ve always played US gets the bonus and it seems pretty balanced… Does japan take the money islands and bring US into the war and give them 30 bucks or not. I think with all the posts about the unbalance, we’ll just keep the pacific rule in play. We actually just played again today, and it was tough.

  • Anyone else tried to keep this rule for Global? I like the idea of this instead of a bid for the allies.

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    Anyone else tried to keep this rule for Global? I like the idea of this instead of a bid for the allies.

    30 IPC one time after Japan declares war is way too little to overcome the Axis advantage. Even 30 IPCs as a bid at the beginning of the game shows to not be enough.

    Have you ever tried the new balanced mode? It presents a smart way to overcome the Axis advantage by giving the Allies multiple additional NOs.

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