Vermont Child Rapist put in jail for 60 days.


    Bill O’Reilly spent an hour covering this ridiculously light sentence in tonight’s show and said he brought light on it yesterday (I was watching DVD’s then).  This Judge Cashman believes in rehabilitation and not punishment.  The criminal rapist did this for 4 years to the unidentified girl.  AP was reported to just cover it today.  O’Reilly said that he spent time today getting in touch with the major networks on why this story did not make the national headlines.

    He got answers along the lines of “…This is a LOCAL story…”  That’s the media for you today, ladies and gentlemen…

    As I searched the web, I was quite amazed that none of the major media (not even Fox) covered it.  Yet, there were plenty of blogs.

    This judge has victimized the poor girl all over again.  Another Vermont caller said her son’s case vs a molester was thrown out by this same judge 15 yrs ago b/c the accused has the right to face the accuser.  Her son froze out of fear.  O’Reilly’s new mission now is the impeachment of this “criminal” judge.

    There is also the mystery of how the rapes could have gone on for 4 years before the parents got a clue.

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    Slavery to the Family of the Girl for life… After he is under their control they can do with him as they choose (including kill him)… Go back to a time when Crime = Shame… and Castration… so basically life in Prison and Castration…

  • I still don’t understand the rational. 60 days to a 34 year old? On what charge was he convicted? What was he charged with?

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    Repeated Rape of a Minor… It states that he Raped a Girl over the Course of 4 years between the Ages of 7-11…


  • 60 days? and he admitted to repeatedly raping her?  😮 thats ridiculous

  • I agree the sentence is too light…By far!  :x.

    Here is the part that gets me.  The judge is concerned with rehabilitation, which I admit is a worthwhile goal.  But in his concern about rehabilitiation, I think the judge has lost sight of a couple of important issues regarding our justice system:

    1. Punishment isn’t a bad thing.  This is different from the positive reinforcement (rehabilitation) approach to prevent further crimes in that a negative (punishment) reinforcement is applied.  Different people will respond to different things, so maybe some people will react in the desired manner out of a desire to not want to return to prison, rather than what is discussed in the rehab classes. Why shouldn’t others who have observed this man get away with a crime think they can also commit a crime with no real consequences for them?

    2. Prevention is better than nothing.  By locking away criminals, they are prevented from repeating this behavior.  Some criminals cannot be “fixed” so the alternative is to make sure they are unable to commit other crimes because they are locked up.  The judge has no way to know that this man will not commit a similar crime in the future.

    3. Repayment to the victim.  While nothing can return the girls innocence to her, had this man robbed a bank, he would be required to repay the money (as much as is possible).  This is a good reason to argue for forced labor (i.e. picking up trash along the highways, or making license plates) from the prison population…they can do something productive for society as a partial repayment for what they have cost society.

    4. Most importantly, Justice.  Why should the child not be afraid that this man might return if he is free?  How does this feel to other parents who fear that pedophiles will be drawn to the area as the consequences of their actions are so minor?  Why should the family of this child feel this man got away with the crime?  Without justice, it is difficult for the authorities to prevent both criminals and vigilante actions because the door has been opened to lawlessness.  Maybe one of her relatives will kill the man hoping to get the same judge?  Maybe one of her relatives will be inclined to do harm to the judge?  Maybe other pedophiles will move into the area?

  • You get a longer prison term than that for a 3rd DUI conviction, even if you have never had an accident, never had a motor vehicle violation, and never injured anyone.

    Why do we send someone to jail longer for simply having a drink and not harming anyone than we send someone for Child Rape?

    Maybe the penalty should be to assign this Child Rapist as the guardian of the Judge’s children…

  • But what crime was he charged with? Because seriously… doesn’t rape have a minimum higher than 60 days?

  • @ncscswitch:

    Maybe the penalty should be to assign this Child Rapist as the guardian of the Judge’s children…

    That’s a very good one.

    I checked some of the blogs and they say prisoners keep a certain heirachy based partially on the crimes that got them there.

    Child rapists start out very low.

    Some other blog posters were hoping that other prisoners will kill him before the 60 day sentence is up.

  • @Linkon:

    Some other blog posters were hoping that other prisoners will kill him before the 60 day sentence is up.

    Maybe not kill, but at the least he should receive extensive experience at making his “exit only” opening into a 2-way door  :mrgreen:

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    They gave the sentence to the wrong person… the judge should serve 60 days for uttering such a sentence, the rapist should be sent to fight giant 13 foot spider crabs in zero gravity for life!

  • In Canada, certain prisoners - particularly child molesters etc. - are held in a separate wing of the jail.  This is because of a supposed “honor among theives” mentality. 
    Personally, i am of the view that putting these people in the general prison population would be the closest thing to an appropriate “prison sentance” for their crimes.

  • Bill O’Reilly compared this case to the Tookie Williams pardon drive by the liberal media.  It highlights the media reporting bias.

    The secular progressive media gave all sorts of coverage for freeing the convict who founded the Cripts,  killed 4, never apologized, and wrote a few a books about gang life being bad.  Hollywood stars spoke for this man at rallies.  It was a big media feeding frenzy.

    Fast forward to last week, Conservatives in Vermont are outraged at the 60-day sentence of the child predator rapist who victimized the poor girl for 4 years.  Yet the collective anger of the conservative masses against this judge who “believes in rehabilitation” got hardly a whisper.

  • Death sentence would be fine with me. Vlad the Impaler, anyone?

    As for the judge, get him off that bench; if he’s so infatuated with “rehabilitation,” let him work at an AA clinic.

  • I’m not sure the judge is 100% to blame here. Although I have been unable to figure out what charge he was convicted of, I am going to suppose for a second that the local DA wimped out and charged him with a lesser crime like Sodomy. His sentence was probably reduced by plea bargain.

    Because seriously… he couldn’t have been charged with rape. It has to carry a minimum sentence.

  • It has to carry a minimum sentence.

    Not necessarily.  Most  states do not have a minimum prision sentence for Child Rapists.  Meghan’s law gives a minimum of 25 years in prison but it is not law in all states.  Unfortunetaly, Vermont does not have this legislation.  It’s sad when a child’s life does not hold the same weight as an adult’s.

    Rune Blade

  • I can see it all now.

    This little girl’s future is all set.

    She will grow up and marry a gay sheep cattle rancher near some mountain.

    Divorce him, move to NYC, and marry a Jewish metrosexual paleontologist.

    Turn gay, divorce him, and decide with her lover that they want his hi-IQ sperm to create a child with.

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