• Just wanted to see people’s strategies for when to bring the Americans into the war

  • G1, sink as many US ships as you can in the opening round starting with G1 attack of the US cruiser/transport in sz101, followed by a J1 attack on Phil and Hawaiian fleets.

  • Though not direct answer, may want to add option that US can declare war (unprovoked) but loses 10 IPCs for each turn earlier when it normally can declare war (turn 3 Collect Income phase).

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    Its going to depend on when Japan intends to declare war.  If they J1, they get to kill an UK BB, a US fighter, destroyer and sub, and can begin the game by taking all of UKPACs income.

    However, a J1 doesn’t give Japan any time to build up and so it can invite a strong KJF in response, by moving (and building) everything the US can right onto your doorstep.   Later Japanese attacks on J2 or J3 are more conservative, but the UK and ANZAC get to grab much more income in total, and the Americans still get their bonus income.

    So, the answer depends on Japan and what that player has in mind for their strategy.

  • The USA can declare war on Japan before turn 4 unprovoked? Is this a part of different rule sets?

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    The US can declare war on any or all Axis powers during their collect income phase of turn 3.  This way the US can collect the bonus income for it’s 3rd turn.

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    I think this poll has confused a few people.

    It does say when should the Axis bring (or allow) America into the war.

    I normally do J2 DOW but sometimes I keep peace to help out the Axis in the Atlantic and Europe. I don’t think that there’s a reason why Japan would want to keep peace J2 for the Pacific side of the board.

  • It depends really on what you can do J1, If russia moves all into Amur you might want to smash that force.
    But your out of position for a war J2 then so you wait till J3.

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    If Russia stacks Amur with 18 infantry and two AA guns on R1 and I am running Japan, I immediately abandon my plan as the Axis and implement Crushia by destroying that stack. I do this without equivocation and without hesitation. Russia is going to die.

    If I do this, Japan waits for the other Allies to declare war on Japan. I use blockers to keep the US at bay, position my fleet to secure the money islands on J4, and otherwise I just kill China and Russia.


  • You missed my point.

    My point was that you cannot really say im always doing a J1 or a J2 or a J3 it also depends on what happens with russia.

    You might plan a J1 and then russia moves their 18 inf there -> J3 on western allies.

    You might plan to attack russia but they leave amur empty so no way you can crush them.

    Japan isnt playing in a vacuum unlike germany someone is ahead of them that can influence them.

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    I missed this thread and didn’t get to vote. All things being what Japan or overall Axis want on the board, I’d bring US into the war with a J2 strike. But I do sometimes like the J1 attack. I tried the J3 or J4 attack plan and it never works out well for me.

    I understand that if you keep the US out of the war as long as possible you prevent them from collecting an additional 20 IPCs per turn ect…but as far as winning on the Pacific board goes, do people find it much harder to win on the Pac side board if waiting till J3 or J4?

    India gets so stacked up. ANZAC can also fortress up to the point that it seems impossible to get both of those capitals. I personally have bad results with this strategy.

  • I personally do J1 or J2 unless I think that European victory is very likely for the Axis due to an amazing first round on that side of the board, or blunders on the part of UK.

  • I also missed the vote. I think a J4 is really good for a russia crush.

    In a J4, you will build 3 mainland mIC, and pump out 9 mechs every round. China will fall fast, those troops can attack russia, and US will not be able to leave the US East Coast until US4, so the first possible landing in europe is on US5. That lets Germany produce alot more for the russian front and it means that south russia, cauc and the middle east should fall pretty nicely to the german hordes. It also means that Japan should be able to take most of east russia while prepearing for attacking everything on J4. That huge japanese land army is not that easy for UKP to stop.

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