Multinational contested territories

  • I haven’t been able to find anything on this so I’m going to ask here.  Say Germany was contesting a Russian territory and Russia was defending against Germany. On Austria’s turn, could they move units into that battle to help Germany but not attack. Like how Germany can reinforce a territory that its contesting without having to attack. Or does Austria have to attack first despite Germany being allianced with them.

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    Yes, Austria-Hungary could do that.  From page 17 of the rulebook (italics are mine):

    Combat occurs when your units share the same space with units belonging to one or more opposing powers and you decide to commit your units to an attack. Only enemy units may be attacked. When attacking, all units in the space belonging to your power must attack. You are required to attack only in territories that have become contested this turn due to your movement of units into them. Attacks in territories that were already contested at the beginning of the turn and in sea zones are always optional, even if you have moved units into them this turn.

  • Thank you for replying so quickly. Another quick question if you don’t mind. If the allies bombard a territory and they score a hit with their battleship, does the unit that got hit get to fire back?

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    Yes, as its die is already on the battle board.

  • You mean you can put units in a contested territory and not attack if you are on the offensive side trying to take the territory? Does it only apply to contested territories? Could I move units into an enemy territory contesting it(since it was not contested at the start of the round/turn) and not attack? Example if I was Germany and I moved units into a French territory and only contest it without doing an attack?

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    No Frederick. When your side first move into a hostile territory a battle is fought. But when a territory is contested both sides can reinforce and choose whether to fight or not.

  • Thank you Private for the clarification.

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