• I know it’s been posted before, so my apologies in advance.  I’m looking for buys and strategies for Germany (and Italy?) for a potential G3 or 4 Sealion.  No bid strategies, please.

  • Short short version ( it is posted in the G1 playbook )

    G1, build carrier + destroyer + sub or carrier + 2 transports.

    Take france, take finland, kill 111 kill 112
    If you can kill the cruiser in 92 do so with a sub.

    Take finland, and normandy ( if you want )

    Round 2 build transports and bomb his Factory + airbase. Should be 9 transports possible but depends on what the UK build some just dont see it and build an IC in egypt or something.

    Round 3 invade and take london and build loads of land units to counter the russian attack that is comming.

  • '17 '16 '13 '12

    Attacking 106 is pretty important too, it gets the UK two land units. If UK doesn’t do Taranto, their fleet can link in 92 as well with the Malta stuff carried in.

    Sea Lion is always an opportunistic play. The resulting German fleet has other uses.

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