• Me and my friends have gotten really into AA again and me being an imaginative guy ive decided to combine my favorite games into one. Risk 2210 meets AA 1940. Too long some might say and id say you dont have 3 day weekends and no social life lol.

    Heres the project.
    2 maps redesigned for the future one of earth one of the far off world of Stratax with the moon thrown in.
    6 factions 3v3 with a possible 7th.
    Pieces from halo wars risk and star craft risk with 2210 and aa filling the gaps for naval and air
    Commander units from rusk 2210
    2 decks of command cards one for axis and one for Allied
    Tokens for harsh weather, new buildings, and nuclear devastation.
    And a professionally done rule book.

    Im really big on professional customization. This project will take me weeks to finish but ive got a pretty good idea on how everything will play out and ill ne sharing the files with all of you.

    The Factions are in progess but heres what im thinking.
    Team Turn Order:
    1. Slavic Syndicate
    2. European Coalition
    3. Peoples Liberation Army
    4. United Nations Defense Forces
    5. Free Islamic Federation
    6. Confederate States of the Americas
    7. Stratax Remnant (Aliens)

    History of 2199 AD
    Alliance: War Never Changes is a game of global domination and beyond. The powers of good vs evil battle for control of territories across the galaxy. The year is 2199 AD and new age is dawning on humanity and with it came strife and hardship. Alliances were formed ensuing common interests fuel, and power are in short supply and the powers struggle over total control of humanity’s remaining fuel reserves. An alien technology discovered deep underground allows for instantaneous travel to another world dubed Stratax by the archeological teams sent to investigate this new world. Stratax is earth-like, rich with new fuel sources and economic potential. Five years after the discovery, the nations of earth had quickly learned to exploit this new technology and began colonizing Stratax. Whoever controls Stratax controls the future of humanity. Choose your side, choose your faction, and determine the fate of humanity.

    Command Card Rules:
    All players are restricted to buying command cards from their teams respected decks. The two decks are Axis Command and Allied Command. Cards are purchased during the “Purchase Command Cards” phase for 3 Economic Development Credits a piece. A player may purchase as many command cards as they desire during this phase. Each card has various phases it can be played in but there is no limit to the number of command cards a player can activate during a round. To activate a command card simply pay the EDC activation cost and place face up for all players to see. Once the card has been completed place it into the discard pile, unless otherwise noted. If all command cards have been used reshuffle the discard pile and use again.

    Weather Fronts
    At the beginning of each round spin the weather dial for each weather front on the board. Move the weather front tokens onto the corresponding territory as shown on the dial. Place a green chip on the weather front token if the movement on the dial is shown as green or a red chip if the movement is shown as red, if no color is indicated the weather is neutral. Red weather fronts indicate severe storms and prevent movement into or out of territories. If any units are located on a red marked storm front roll one d6. On a roll of 1 the units stationed there take a hit and a casualty is selected by the owner. Green weather fronts indicate favorable weather and increase all unit movement through them by +1. Weather fronts without a color marker are considered neutral or inconsequential. They do not alter the territory in any way.

    Everything is still in alpha and subject to change for balance and style changes.

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