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  • I have a question regarding the movement of ships. The explanation could get confusing so I will try to explain it clearly. Using revised rules/objectives here.

    1. My ship, a cruiser, is attacked by an enemy fleet of destroyers who begin movement from a naval port (total possible move of 3) during my opponent’s turn.
    2. Enemy ships all move two spaces to engage in combat.
    3. During combat, my ship is destroyed.
    4. After destroying my cruiser, my opponent wants to move the enemy fleet one more space into an adjacent sea zone containing 2 of my ships and initiate another combat phase during their same Combat Phase.

    Is my opponent allowed to do this move and attack in the same Combat Phase? If not, are they allowed to use the ships’ remaining move (1) during their Non-Combat Movephase to move their ships into the adjacent seazone where my ships are?

    Thanks for the help in advance. If you need more clarification please ask.

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    Hi BlurbBlast.
    No, he can’t.
    You either move in Combat Move or in the Non Combat Move. Not in both. All units can only attack once, too.

  • Once you enter a hostile zone that is the end of your movement.
    The only exception are planes that can fly over enemies.

    Since the destroyers entered a zone containing your cruiser their movement for that turn ended.

    Also you have to declare all combats before you start rolling dice.

    Your opponent cannot declare combat in the 2nd zone since his forces cannot reach there. Once your cruiser is destroyed he cannot initiate new combats since he already moved to the resolve combat steps.

    Just read the manual and follow it.

  • Thanks guys!

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    Tell your opponent that land and sea units that participate in combat during the combat phase may not move during the non-combat phase.


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