• @GeneralHandGrenade:

    When I enter the Med with my UK fleet I prefer to go straight for Rome. I will wait until I have enough transports (4) and enough ground units (16) to hit Rome twice on back to back turns. The second wave of ground units will be waiting in Libya so I don’t have to move to get them and give the Italians a chance to recover. At the same time the Americans will also hit either Rome or Northern Italy in the same sea zone (95) thus giving me 2 fleets in the same sea zone to protect against the axis planes. The US fleet is a massive one with at least 2 loaded carriers and 2 battleships along with Cruisers and Destroyers plus at least 4 transports shucking troops turn after turn from Eastern US. It’s an indefensible move as long as the axis has given you enough time to set it all up.

    After Italy has fallen then a third wave of UK ground units will hit Greece. At this point the only question is does Japan have the wherewithal to take 6 victory cities?

    Where do you get the 2nd BB from? Your not buying a BB are you because price wise they are pretty sucky.

  • '18 '17 '16

    Yes I’m buying it. I like having 2 of them because the Germans have to think twice about attacking 4 capital ships with a number of other ships thrown into the mix. You can wipe out the whole Luftwaffe if they get greedy and try to take out both navies at once. My goal before I sail across the Atlantic is to buy a fleet big enough that it dissuades the Germans from even attempting to take it out. It seems to work just fine.

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