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    Along with working on a new map design, I’m also thinking about adding WW2 commanders to my card deck which will be available soon. I want to create cards with portraits or photos of famous WW2 Commanders which will give nations one time combat bonuses per commander during battles. The idea is that nations will start with their own set of 1 or more leaders and they may assign 1 per turn in a battle of their choice during their combat movement phase. I’m looking for names and bonuses that you think would create good advantages based on the historical contributions of that leader. Looking for simple, one time bonuses during one combat round for the commanders I have so far… Thank you.


    Gerd von Rundstedt
    Walter Model
    Hermann Goring
    Erwin Rommel
    Heinz Guderian
    Albert Kesselring
    Karl Donitz


    Georgy Zhukov
    Konstantin Rokossovsky


    Isoroku Yamamoto
    Tomoyuki Yamashita


    Chen Cheng


    Dwight D. Eisenhower
    Douglas MacArthur
    Omar Bradley
    George S. Patton, Jr.
    Chester W. Nimitz


    Bernard Montgomery
    Arthur Harris
    Andrew Cunningham
    Harold Alexander


    Giovanni Messe
    Ugo Cavallero


    Thomas Blamey


    Charles de Gaulle

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    I’m looking for names and bonuses that you think would create good advantages based on the historical contributions of that leader.
    Hermann Goring

    Herman Goering’s main contribution to Germany’s war effort was to make bad decisions that arguably helped Germany lose the war.  I recommend eliminating him from the card deck.

  • German:
    Erich von Manstein, Field Marshal Poland, France, Russia

    William Halsey, Adm over South Pacific Area Command (Guadalcanal, Philippines)
    James Doolittle, Commanding Gen over 12th, 15th, and 8th Air Forces (1942 - end of war)

    Chiang Kai-shek, Generalissimo in Second Sino-Japanese War

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    For what its worth YG I have Generals in my  G40 game and play testing now.

    Each General has a value of 6 or less. Some Generals had values of up to 9 but I want to start out low.

    Each country will get a certain amount of Generals at start of game.

    Each General will boost a ground/ship +1 on attack or defense for first round only. Did have it for every round but changed it.

    The Generals on ground have a A3 D5 value for themselves.  That may change.

    Each general will have a sticker number under its piece with a value. Just look under it when you go to battle board or before battles.

  • erich von manstein…he was the master mind in the wehrmacht

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    I’ve decided to scrap this idea… not enough time to flesh it out before my card deck gets released.

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