Neutral Italy on Turn 1 (1914)

  • This is a house rule question, but wanted to post here because it is just 1914.

    Would like some feedback on how people play a neutral Italy (on turn 1).
    Specifically, does anyone allow free movement (no mines) for AH through SZ17 turn 1? (If yes, aren’t the UK ships in SZ19 at risk?)
    Can Italy still occupy Albania turn 1?
    Does CP have option to still attack Italy on turn 1?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Customizer

    One option is to randomise when Italy declares war, e.g. toss a coin at the start of each Italian turn. This might deter an Austrian attack, since it may never have to fight Italy at all.

    Maybe give Italy the option of regarding sea movement of Austrian navy as hostile and intercept.

    Situation of Albania in 1914 is complicated, I wouldn’t say it was an Italian colony at this stage:

  • For a neutral Italy rule (which would then allow AH a mine free move) putting UK SZ19 forces at risk, one of the following 3 should be done…

    1. change UK setup to move 1 CA from SZ29 to SZ19;
    2. move UK CA/TR from SZ19 to SZ28;
    3. create new SZ31 by splitting SZ17 in half at a point on border between SZ16 and SZ17 below Sicily and extending to point where Albania borders Greece.

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