Noob here: Do I just paint over the plastic pieces that come with the game?

  • Hi All,

    So I’m completely new to A&A, but a huge WWII buff. Dad wouldn’t buy me the game when I was little because it was too expensive as far as board games go, but now I’m a grown man and I just bought my first A&A 1942 Second Edition (arriving TODAY  :-D) and I wanted to get into painting the miniatures. I’ve painted some plastic ME-109s and Spitfires models as a kid, but never painted miniatures. I was just wondering…

    -Do I paint over the plastic pieces that come with the game?

    -What if I mess up? Do I just wash the paint off and start over?

    -What is the purpose of buying the expansion miniatures?

    -Are expansion miniatures already painted?

    -Can expansion miniatures be used to play my 1942 2nd ed?

    Game questions:

    -Is it difficult to learn?

    -How long does a came last on average?

    -How does A&A compare to say, the hexagonal war games of the 70s and 80s?

    Sorry for all the noob questions. Just wondering. I have a friend who’s also never played, but we’re going to do this. I WILL CRUSH HIM.

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    They come pre-painted and ready to rock but feel free to paint away. All expansion pieces come painted as well. Easy game to learn but made to play as a stand alone game, not recomended for the board games. Although you can use the infantry pieces.

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