1939 Setup is finally here!

  • Long time overdue, but finally here:

    1939 setup charts:
    http://www.historicalboardgaming.com/Download-Rules-for-GW-1936_c_660.html  :mrgreen:

  • Damn … Germany averages 49.5 IPP per turn to match their builds from '36 to '39 … wonder how the others fair?

  • France built 11.17 IPP per turn … a +6.17 over their actual build ability.

  • Our group has a game planned for early next month. We will be taking the 1939 setup for a spin. I’ll keep you posted with a post-game report  🙂

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    The rules for global 1936 1.2 are available on HBG, as of now, for anyone, interested. 🙂

  • Fairly even distribution of IPP to both sides (418 or so).

    The biggest difference is all 418 points are available for mischief on the Axis side while ~250 points are added to UK/France/CHina. 170 points are added to US and USSR.

    For example USSR
    INF type -22 IPP
    ARM +20 IPP
    AIR +31 IPP
    NAVY + 35 IPP

    Total 64 IPP gain

    INF +79 IPP
    ARM +50 IPP
    AIR +108 IPP
    Navy +35 IPP

    Total 272 IPP Gain

    Most telling loss though is Germany does not start with a TRS unless I missed it.

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    I was really excited to see that we finally get the 1939 setup charts, but after spending a bit of cash getting the 1936 setup charts printed ready for gameplay, I am now discovering quite a few changes to the 1936 setups in the revised 1.2 version.

    For example
    Italy has many changes to the sea zones that have naval bases and ships in them.
    I’m sure the Taranto list of ships should say 51 not 50, but further down in the dedicated sea zone 50 line the transport has disappeared, initially I thought this may have been a revision but after seeing other last lines ‘disappear’ on other setup chart boxes, I’m convinced that the size of the box has shrunk slightly and caused the last line to not be displayed (see France’s box that explains Colonial infantry for example).

    Who can confirm these typos or revisions……I have a few to query.

    Thanks all

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    You need to go to HBG site to get your answers

    John Brown do we use the 36 1.2 rules for the 39 setup or we still waiting on 39 rules ?

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    You need to go to HBG site to get your answers

    John Brown do we use the 36 1.2 rules for the 39 setup or we still waiting on 39 rules ?

    SS, all three setups, will use the same rules, from what was on facebook and the news letter.

    They say, they are currently working on the 1942 setup, as of now.

    That is all I know at this point.


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    Ok. Thank you very much.

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    Ok. Thank you very much.

    Your welcome.

  • As promised, a report after our group’s first exp. with the new 1939 setup.

    There are a few typos/errors in the setup charts. Nothing major. I have contacted HBG so they can be corrected in the next edition. I expect the rules to be continuously updated/improved as people ask questions on the official FAQ-site.

    Re. gameplay: we were 3 players. We saw immediate action, as Germany started savaging across Europe.

    I’m still not a big fan of the victory point system. For our next game, we will give the Russian player control over France. The Russian/CCP player sees very little action compared to the other two players. It is simply not as fun, when there is very little to do (sleeping bear). Control over the France will engage all players from the beginning of the game. The conflicts with the alliance/victory point system, so we have to play a ‘global dominance’ style game.
    As a game take +16 hours, all players should be continuously engaged, or else people will loose interest. We switch which player control which alliance though, but still…

    The setup seem very well balanced. The quick action has several advantages over 1936. You get a more ‘real’ WW2 experience, as the forces at the outbreak of the war are placed similar to the historical events. Sometimes when starting in 1936, the map would look very different after 6-7 turns. Another advantage is that the length of the game is 4-5 hours shorter.

    All in all a very enjoyable game.
    GW1936 beats A&A-G40.
    GW1939 crushes A&A-G40.

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    Thanks for the report, Munck, that is awesome news. 😄

  • Yes, and I think that USSR player should control France, or will be bored most part of the game. Because, while Germany begins Barbarossa pass too much time. Yes it’s a good idea …

  • Did Germany take out france before Barbarossa?


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    They want you to ask questions on there site.

  • @billinjackson:

    Did Germany take out france before Barbarossa?

    Yes, everything went much according to historical events. It was not possible to create Vichy due to a UK unit in Marseilles though. This again meant that the Free French got a huge navy, which were a significant factor in securing the seas for the Allies. I recommend other Allied players go explore this tactic.

    We have a new game coming up in 2 weeks. I will be playing Axis this time, and have a few new ideas I want to try out  :evil:

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