Lot for sale 450+ units + lots 'o chips

  • '17 '16 Customizer

    These pieces are from my 2 1999 Europe games, and stuff from 1940 SE.

    This includes the 450+ units, and all the gray chips from 1940 SE, and all the gray/red chips form the 1999 game. No factories are in here, so don’t bother starring into the pic, like wheres waldo.

    Some of these units are primed, some are primed/base coated.

    There are no Japan/Anzac/Italy/China units…… very few France.

    German tanks have 2 variant’s, the ones from 1940 se and 1999.

    Any questions, feel free to ask, but the pic should suffice.

    Send me a PM if interested. 40 bucks/includes shipping (within the 48 states). Or 25 bucks for 1/2 of it (no picking, ill put half into a box, whatever I grab, is what I grab… I just happen to have 2 boxes that 50/50 fills both to the top).

  • '17 '16 Customizer

    Today it was time to say goodby to old friends as I threw these pieces away lol. This post can be removed now, thanks.

  • Really? Wow, that’s too bad that you threw them away.

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