Manassas, VA [Northern Virginia] Global 1940

  • My name is Nick. I live in Manassas, VA. I have Axis and allies Global 1940. I built a replica of Young Grasshoppers table and set it up in my basement, as well as printed out his map file, kind of like my own battle bunker lol.  I used to play a good amount but no longer have friends with time to play. I also have and love to play: Fortress America. Aliens vs Predator: the hunt begins, Napoleon in Europe, Star Wars: Rebellion, ZOMBIES!!!, and basically any other strategy war game. I primarily like global though Wink


  • Ill let my Tidewater group know. You are 4 hours away, would be an over-nighter lol.  Good luck Nic!

  • 2020 2019

    I also live in Manassas and would like to play in person or PBEM, but Europe 1940 v2 rather than Global, but willing to try Global.

  • I live in Stafford, interested in playing.  We also have a group that meets at a Fairfax County Recreation Center twice a month.  When will your next game be?  Jonathan Rost /

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