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    I recently watched a vid, where the host stated you can only do R&D if at war, now one of our favorite things to do with USA is do R&D before forced into war, so I went to the book (both Europe and Pacific) and I failed to find that rule. Both Europe and Pacific say the exact same things, with no mention of needing to be at war. (which honestly would make no sense due to USA was researching tanks prior to war, and USA dismissed some of the suspension designs that went to Germany  😮 )

    If it is a printed rule, please refer me to the page, thanks. If its an unwritten rule, then we will dismiss it, as I mentioned, would make no sense. May even dismiss it even if printed, though would like to know, thanks again.

  • Hi there siredblood

    I can clearly confirm with you that Nation’s MUST be at war to be purchasing for R&D. Not too sure of the video you had seen, but Young Grasshopper has been doing these great Tutorial video’s on mostly AnAG40 2nd Edition and one is on R&D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4Sd15b915A

    If you go to around 8:30 you will hear YGH explain this. He is spot on with the rules.

    Hope this is helpful.


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    Thanks for the reply, yes, that’s the vid I saw, however that rule I cannot find in the rule book. And I agree his vids are great, though I would like to confirm this rule (in the rule book, as I said I cannot find it).

  • I looked too in rule book and does not say. But soon you will hear from the bigger chiefs on here for clarification!


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    Did not find the rule as well. Looked in both books.

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    Tech is an optional “house” rule.  Its not allowed in tournaments.  I suppose this means that when you use it you might as well modify it since all of it would be house rules.  It doesn’t feel as well developed as the rest of the game, and even when we turn the option on, no one does it.

    I have not heard of any restriction on when you can use tech, which is probably fine because unless you tweak the rules that are in the book, there are only 2-3 really awesome ones of 12 and a 33% chance of a %16 chance is not that great.  One whole chart is broken and way too weak.

    These factors mean that trying for tech isn’t a good deal at $5 or a game changer OOB and so if your opponent wants to do it from turn 1, I’m thinking go right ahead.

    YG’s idea of giving you a free tech when you get a Victory Token is awesome, my spin on that one was that it should be a specific, flavorful tech (Germany takes UK gets Jets).

    It is equally cool to start the game with each power having a themey tech like UK/radar Germany/Jets Japan/Super Subs etc  Have fun.

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    We built our own tech rules. I won’t post here as I think it goes under House Rules section. They are country specific and we do require the power to be at war before researching. Germany and USA are the only atomic powers.

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    Research and Development is an official “Optional Rule” for Global.


    Optional Rule: Research and Development
    Using this rule, you may attempt to develop improved military technology. If you decide to use Research & Development, it
    becomes the new phase 1 of the turn sequence, bumping the other phases up a number.

    Of course there is no requirement to be at war.
    If included it is part of the game starting from and including round one for every nation.

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    Thanks everyone for pitching in. I needed this addressed as I plan to start a meetup for my area. Wanted to make sure we were playing right. I understand it’s optional, however if we plan to bring in new players to our table wanted to make sure I knew the rule regardless… Don’t want to begin round 1 with an argument lol.

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