• Many times I have played the game, and simply not had enough fleet to cover all my transports, my question is about whether or not you can kill  these defenseless transports, these are the scenarios in question:
    1: 2 loaded transports attacked by a fighter, will it just sink them?
    2: Attack enemy fleet containing transports, when fleet is defeated do transports die, or do they live, and can you assign them to hits like defending AAA?

  • 1. If the transports are on their on, then they are sunk by the fighter, yes.
    2. When the defending fleet is defeated, the transports die with it. However, if you are attacking with subs and the defender has lost all of his warships, but still has planes left, then the transports can be taken as casualties for the sub hits while the rest of the forces fight it out.

  • Thanks that’s sorta what I thought

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