• I have to give credit to Trihero for this, for without our games via the forum, I would still be in the 200’s.

    But if you go to the member’s list and sort by posts, I just reached 30th after slipping 1 ahead of 221B Baker Street with THIS post.

    Going to be a LONG time before I move up anymore.  The folks I am now shown on the screen with are the “heavy hitters” of the list, with IL being just a couple of notches ahead of me, but still over 100 posts away.

    Top 1%.  Now I am posting with the Big Dogs 🙂

    And before folks ger upset about the posts that got me here…
    According to my stats I am
    3.90% of all posts in Revised
    3.67% of all posts in Games
    2.04% of all posts in Classic

    Only 0.99% in General Discussion.

    Game related, strategy and game based, and coming on STRONG!  LOL

  • You submarine you  8-)

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