Autumn 2016 Battle of Britain - Sunday 16th October - See Battle Report

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    This all day event will be held in Derbyshire, UK.

    We currently have 5 players, including three from this forum, and will play either 1942.2 or 1914, as decided by participants on the day.

    If you are interested please either reply to this thread in Events or send a PM to Private Panic asap as the current venue restricts us to one game.

    The Battle Reports for our previous events (posted on this board below) will show you how much fun we have!

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    I am not sure why I post these reports and will make this my last one unless I am convinced otherwise.

    We had five players and played 1914:

    Central Powers: Dukla Passer - Germany; NFP (non forum player) - A-H & Turkey
    Entente: Credulous - UK; Private Panic - France & Italy; NFP - US & Russia

    In all my previous games I have been Axis and gone for Moscow, successfully each time. So Dukla Passer surprised me by sending everything G had for Paris. 😮 G pushed hard West and reached the gates of Paris. French forces were always outnumbered and retreating. However F did win a couple of battles against those superior G forces, reversing G’s numerical superiority. 😄 G was forced to retreat. By the end of the game the F had recaptured it’s sacred lands and just invaded G in force. 😛

    The US played a valuable part in this reversal of G fortunes, but gained more pleasure from the capture of Spain and Switzerland than from any attempts to fight the enemy! :roll: The UK also provided some half-hearted support. :x

    The G fleet also destroyed the UK North Sea fleet in G1. The UK in its second turn regained control of the North Sea, sending the G fleet to the bottom of the sea with all hands!

    Meanwhile A-H were tasked with giving R a hard time and did well against R initially, getting a sizeable force to Livonia, at the gates of Moscow. However, this was largely because R consolidated its forces, so A-H never had a prospect of taking Moscow and were immediately in full retreat. R engaged A-H’s eastern army in Galicia, always with superior firepower and inflicting the greater losses. This took pressure off Italy and led eventually to the capture of Vienna by R. Well done Ivan! 8-)

    A-H also invaded Venice but lost that battle with Italy. However a later invasion with too big an army for Italy to handle was successful for a while. As A-H’s reinforcements dried up, Italy was able to fight the second Battle of Venice, with this territory contested for the final turns of the game.

    From UK2 onwards, the UK maximised its India builds against Turkey (and also to take Africa with some French help). By the end of the game the UK was besieging Istanbul. What took them so long?! 😉

    I think we played 8 turns in all, with the Entente the clear victors. :evil:

    We had a real laugh, despite Credulous only knowing 3 jokes.

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    Thanks for that PP. I am sorry I could not make it. Sounds like fun anf=d another Allied victory.
    Too hard for the baddies; you see that now?

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    Hey witt! We missed you!

    Another allied victory? In all three games of 1914 I have played previously the axis won. Two of those are as per Battle of Britain battle reports elsewhere on this forum. The other was a game I played against Credulous in his “bunker”.

    You and I were axis in the first one and you insisted all the way through that we were losing and then we won!

  • Russia should have built more cruisers……

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    I was hoping for your fourth joke Cred. Disappointed again!

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    I politely omitted saying that only a tard could fail to win as the Allies.
    Oh, that,  and I would win as either side.

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    Well witt - it seems that to maintain my 100% record I will have to avoid ever playing 1914 with you! Actually - it will probably mean never playing anyone!  :roll:

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