• Do you ever plan, from the outset, to send a combination of planes and ships to attack the American/British Navy in the Atlantic?  I’ve found this to be the most effective way to get Japan directly involved in the game rather than just nibbling at the edges.  The plan requires a skilled defensive strategy with Germany, likely with 100% infantry purchases.  It has worked well in my recent games, however.

    Japan must accept that it will not significantly pressure Moscow, but it can still easily build enough infantry to take and hold SFE, Yakut, China, Sinkiang, India, and Persia by turn 6, while building 4 new fighters in the process.  On turn 7 the Japanese air force flies from Persia to Europe, and the ships have just arrived at Brazil from the Cape of Africa.  On turn 8, the successful destruction of the entire Atlantic fleet should be likely.

    It doesn’t tilt the game in favor of the Axis, but it does increase their odds substantially in my opinion.  Is there a fatal flaw to this plan that I’m missing?

    Sorry if this is covered in an old thread.  I’m coming back to the game after about 15 years!

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