• i agree nix, giving japan india on j1, instead of j3 (my usual sacking schedule) puts them in position to pressure russia on j3-4.  plus the whole spirit of the victory city concept

  • 2007 AAR League


    If you want to play conservative as Germany… just turtle up from the get-go and wait for Japan… IF they can get to Moscow in time with Russia having lots of money and German offesnive against them…

    You have to take risks.

    The object is to make your moves smartly… and when in doubt, go HEAVY, so that you win easilly with few troops lost and your opponent takes maximum losses on the counter.

    Well, I’d actually like to play somewhat aggressively as Germany, so doing the slow withdrawl doesn’t really make me happy.  AT the same time, though, I also don’t want my one and only huge stack completely wiped out and be forced to retreat to regroup.  Unless of course I go the northern route and attempt to get to Moscow that way instead of going south, which would probably be a really slow grind.

  • I may be wrong but if Germany turtles up wouldn’t Russia be able to just turn and crush the Japanese offensive?

  • But that turtle can open up… in MASSIVE force… in ANY direction.

  • I always think that massive battles are a better way of going for statistics…

    if you have a one on one encounter…
    1 armor versus 1 infantry let’s say…
    the armor can be sacked in just one roll…

    if you have 20 armor attacking versus 20 infantry…
    (I know, it’s a waste of IPC’s as attacker ;-))
    then more likely the outcome will be victory for the attacking army.

    the more dice are involved, the better you can depend on statistics…

    so, I prefer massive armies 😛

  • @ncscswitch:

    But that turtle can open up… in MASSIVE force… in ANY direction.

    You seem very frightened of the turtle after octo pummeled you with it. While it’s true that it can open up, it is three rounds before russia has to worry if germany is turtling in berlin.

  • Ah, but it is not just a German strat.  Have seen it used to phenomenal effect as Russia too (pushed japan all the way back to the coast…)

  • Well I’m not sure EXACTLY what a turtle strategy is with Germany, but in my mind, you would keep a small buffer zone with Eastern Europe, and Balkans?  So maybe your two turns away from Russia.  But I think if Germany’s “turtle” was in Germany and three turns away from Russia than you could still turn most of you attention towards Japan.  I mean if Germany turned his massive forces on you by that time you could have 24+inf in Russia just off of builds.  Also you would be retreating your remaining infantry from the Eastern front and the Asian Front.  So you could have a sizable force in Russia by the time Germany reaches it. I’m thinking maybe 40 inf? 😮 If you push Japan significantly back, that could buy you 4 more rounds until Japan is at Russia again.  Lets say it take Japan 5 rounds to reach Russia.  5+4, thats 9 rounds already.  I think usually Germany is out by G9.

  • you don’t have until G9.

  • Huh… good response.  Well you just pwnzord me…  I think I’m gonna  😢 now…

  • bamboozled  😞

  • Hoodwinked (I hope this isn’t spam)…

    Yay it’s way before that I doubt you could push Japan back to the ocean.  Maybe G6-G7?

  • As early as R4-5, depending on the rate of pull back by Russia, and how fast and thin Japan chases the retreating troops.

    How do I know this?  Darth did it to ME in a Classic game a couple of months ago…

  • German Naval Strategy

    1. The baltic fleet is a bigger pain the ass if it is left in the baltic. Moving it out in the atlanic leaves it vunerable to Britsh counter-attack. It provides a far bigger PIA for the UK player to think about if it left where it is.

    2. An ac on turn 1?  The war is decided on the eastern front. For 16 IPC’s you can put 4INF and 1ART on the board. Those 4INF will protect what is left of your tank forces. Farting around in the north atlanic is a secondary conflict. GER should not spend any money in this theater. UK does not pose a serious landing threat until turn 3 or 4 at which time you can counter with land based forces.


  • fllush:
    you are brave for your first post 😮
    octo will back you in that line of thought though and he is an axis specialist after all 🙂
    i strongly support an AC for germany round 1 it gives you fighter flexibility and protects both berlin and eastern europe from uk landings as well as making normandy unattractive (for a while) also, the fun of making the “boy’s from brazil” a reality is sure fun  😉
    if you add another trannie g2 you are sending inf and art to karelia the round after buying as well as making uk keep more at home than they would like

  • Ah Flush…

    Not brave, more foolhardy… much as I was when I came here and openned up with my “slash Karelia” post in Classic.

    You may want to check out some of the games here and see what happens with and without a Germany naval build in the Baltic in G1.  As a general rule, against a skilled Allied player, NOT building at least SOME navy in SZ5 in G1 is pretty mush a sure way to have Germany fall about G5, maybe G4.

    Welcome aboard.

  • unless of course switch you are the many-tentacled one :lol: but even then he got some fortunate results in the atlantic that defied expectations.  i think we all agree that if germany buys no baltic navy g1 then ORDINARILY is is sunk uk1 leaving a very lonely med fleet to watch the approaching merchant marine armada 😮

  • My post is neither foolhardy nor brave. I have played A&A for 15 years, mostly as GER. GER is lucky to have a baltic/north atlantic fleet by R3.The major USA/UK landing will not happen unitl at least R5. At which time GER can counter a landing. The push to the east will determine the game.

  • if you don’t buy any german navy g1 then you are done in the baltic on uk1 unless the uk player is foolish.

    after observing octo in action i have had to rethink some of my ideas about germany slightly (thanks :-)) that ac could be 4 inf and 1 art but i still stick to my basic ac + 8 inf in a no bid. the usa and uk then HAVE to ramp up their fleets with more defensive units than they would ideally like.  if you have no baltic fleet and the allies are not landing until the fifth round then that seems like a pretty strange scenario to me.

    how do you like the changes done to revised and how long have you been playing the current edition?

    p.s. welcome :mrgreen: aboard

  • They maybe able to land earllier than round 4 or 5 but is nothing more than a nusiance raid. If they want to piece meal their forces with small landings, let them.GER should not split her resources.

    Thanks for the welcome. The new board definetly re-news my interest in the game. The factory in caucasus puts a nice new spin on the eastern front.

  • yes, they would be nuisance raids but they get steadily larger each round and also cut off the flow of german troops that have to recapture the lost territories instead of marching glibly towards moscow.  you said you played classic mostly as germany, did your group need a bid to balance,and if so how large or what other balancing mechanism did you use?

  • Could someone clarify to me the purpose of building up the German Navy in SZ5?

  • if they land in eastern europe, you simply squash them with units you are moving out to the eastern front. As for western europe, move the AA gun out on the R1 and leave only one man to cover the territory. Don’t piece meal your defense. Use your units purchased/placed in GER as your deferent  against landing. I think the most important thing as the GER player is concentration of available forces for a specific objective.

    We never used balancing, probably should have. It was hard to win as the Axis. Japan is definitely the “ace in the hole” in the first game.

    What is a bid?

  • flush, i am not trying to be harsh, but if your group did not need to give the axis a significant boost in classic the level of play in your group is suspect.  look at the ‘games’ thread and see how a bid (free extra cash/units) of $20 for the axis is considered “light” how do you feel your old games would have gone (you as germany) if you started the game with an EXTRA $20 worth of units and $$?

    and in revised, yes you can march to eastern euro and recapture not really slowing you down too much, but every unit the uk/usa kill is one less going into mother russia, as well as slowing your tanks down.  if you have to constantly recapture western how are those forces moving east?  i have seen the “space for rent” in western europe strat used (octo 😉) effectively but that was in a situation where (i think) germany was never meant to SERIOUSLY threaten russia, just hold on and wait for the nips

  • @critmonster:

    flush, i am not trying to be harsh, but if your group did not need to give the axis a significant boost in classic the level of play in your group is suspect.

    Then I suppose you can categorize me as a “suspect” player as well.

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