• We think we understand how the transports work but thought we would confirm.  We all assumed that a transport could be used as a bridge (like in 1942).  So a transport in SZ9 could move 2 units to say Belgium or Picardy.  Are we correct?  Assuming that the transport was already in SZ9.

    Also, if we load a French transport that is already in SZ16 with two units and want to move to 2 spaces to SZ19.  Can we unload the units in Trans-Jordan or do we have to wait until the next turn.  We are also assuming there are no CP units in Trans-Jordan and is still under Ottoman control.

    The thing that kept throwing us off is with all land units only moving one space does the move to the transport count as the one move?

    Thanks for your clarification.

  • You can load and unload all in the same move.  All units must unload in the same territory (though one could unload and the other stay on the transport).  The units being transported cannot move before or after the transport (ie, they must start in the transport’s path of travel, and can move no further after unloading.)

  • Thanks for the quick reply.  So assuming that the transport has not moved you can load the units and move the transport 2 spaces and unload it.  Understanding that the units could not have been moved prior to loading and are not moved after unloading.  All units must be unloaded in the same territory but you can leave some units on the transport if you so desire.  So I think we have been playing correctly.

    So can units be loaded onto a transport that I had to move one space to get to the transport and can I move the transport 2 spaces with the understanding that I will not be able to unload the transport until the next turn?

    Thanks again,

  • '18 '17 '16

    No but you’re close. You can’t move troops and then load them on a transport. You have to wait until next turn to load them onto the transport. You can move a transport, load troops, and then complete your move with the transport and drop off the troops. You can load one troop, move the transport, load another troop, then complete your transport movement, then unload both troops but they have to unload in the same territory. You just can’t move troops to get to a transport or move troops after you unload them.

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