Capital Cities for Global 1940

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    I don’t know if anyone has come across and posted these yet because I haven’t been here that long and wasn’t going to search forever. I was looking for something to use for industrial complexes but I wanted to get something different than the standard complexes. I also thought about getting pieces to mark capital cities as well. I found these bad boys at Shapeways and figured that I would use them for both purposes. There is a different shape for each capital in G40 and an extra one for France ( they have 2 shapes- the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower). I painted the complexes that I already have black for major and red for minor to differentiate, an idea that I got from Young Grasshopper in one of his videos. So when I get these new ones I will paint them black because they are all major complexes. The extra French piece I will paint red so that I can change it as soon as Germany makes France it’s b���� in the first round…er, I mean conquers it and takes their money. You can also buy these as singles too so I got an extra Capital Building for America so I can paint it red for when they haven’t entered the war yet. You can also get smaller sets for other A&A games. is a link to them;

    capital cities.jpg

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    Really awesome looking pieces, I would house rule something where capital cities take damage due to some kinda attack on enemy moral, which could limit the amount of attacks that enemy can conduct in a round if they don’t pay for repairs.

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    Those VC markers were developed by a member of this board a few years ago, through a discussion thread that you can view over here:

    The project was originally supposed to cover all the VCs in Global 1940, but as far as I know the only ones which were produced were the ones shown in the table I’ve attached below.

    VC Markers Project.jpg

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    They do have those VC as well for sale but they aren’t the same as the capital cities. I had looked at buying the VC’s instead but as you say they were incomplete so I didn’t bother.

  • Really cool looking pieces, however I will bring up on negative… Where are you going to fit them? During set up I slide in the ICs after the units and I’m usually pushing placed units with the IC to get it into the territory for most places. Let’s take Rome for instance. The territory is cluttered as it is. The two adjacent sea zones are full not to mention Germany is typically going to send a fighter there before Italy gets to move units out. I don’t see a place for a Roman Coliseum I really don’t.

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    Good point but I’ve already thought of that. I’ve ordered this set of task force markers, they include Italy, France and Germany. I’m going to use them as blow up boxes for Italy, France and Germany even when Germany has taken out France. Besides, they were going to be used as Industrial Complexes as well as city markers so they would be replacing them and not adding any extra pieces. I will place the city markers on the board and the units in the blow up boxes.

  • I bought a full set of those from Shapeways about 2 months ago. They were much smaller than I expected, but that’s good anyways because of space limitations. I also ordered two different types of industrial complex models to be used as major and minor.

    I can post pics of any of that if you’re interested since the pics on Shapeways are just computer generated images.

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