Place New Units - Rule Question

  • 2017

    If units are purchased, do they have to be placed at the end of the country’s turn?

    I can’t find that in the rule book. I believe it’s implied, but not specifically stated. Page 23 of the European Rule book doesn’t say they have to be placed. The closest comments I read state, “In the event that you purchased more units than you can actually mobilize due to production limitations, you must return the over-produced units to the box (your choice of units), and the cost of the units is reimbursed to you.”

    So I’m in a Triple A game, and when my side (Axis) has a chance to kill and capture India, my opponent pulls the UK forces back and then does not place the new units in Calcutta. When he takes back Calcutta, he doesn’t place the units (since the IC has just been re-captured). I’d prefer him to place the new units so they can be smashed of course while capturing the capital.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

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    Phase 5: Mobilize New Units
    Move the newly purchased units from the mobilization zone on the game board to eligible spaces you have controlled
    since the start of your turn.

  • When playing TripleA you have to remember that some of the more “technical” rules like this one, you are responsible to know the rules for and follow them. The A&A rulebook isn’t the greatest tool to use however as it isn’t very organized, you need two rulebook and the wording can leave certain rules up for debate. In this case however, if your opponent(in this case the UK Pacific) has purchased units and is capable of placing them then that player MUST place them unless he is unable to. The player cannot simply choose to not place units. If Calcutta is damaged and he cannot place some or all of them, then this would be the only exception.

    Also another example, say if your opponent is playing as UK Europe and buys units for London but London is damaged, he cannot simply return them. They must be placed unless unable to which means they would have to go in Canada or South Africa or if any other factories have been built unless they are all damaged to the point they cannot mobilize anything.

  • 2017

    Thanks for the responses…seems simple enough yet at the same time I missed it.

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