• Hello! i have plans for adding corsica and balearic Isl, as separate islands (Corsica is under france, balearic under spain), Any toughts for this?

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    If the islands have no IPC value, there wouldn’t be much point.  If the islands do have an IPC value, this would be hard to justify both in terms of the fact that they didn’t have much economic or strategic importance in WWII and in terms of the fact that in the game some far more important Pacific islands don’t have an IPC value.

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    Agreed.  Since the island has zero IPC value its only real value is landing planes if its a friendly territory.

    Why are some of the “valuable” islands in the Pacific worth zero IPC’s?

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    Why are some of the “valuable” islands in the Pacific worth zero IPC’s?

    Those Pacific islands are problematic because on the one hand their 0-IPC value correctly reflects the fact that they had no economic value (they were mostly small, low-lying coral or volcanic islands with no industry and few natural resources), while on the other hand the OOB rules don’t model very well their WWII role as bases allowing the surrounding airspace to be controlled and allowing the next island group to be brought under threat of air attack.

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    A friendly landing spot in SZ 95 in the form of Corsica would open up more options for a first round UK assault on the Italian Navy. At that point one could consider attacking both 95 and 97 and ignoring the standard 96 attack. Wouldn’t break the game per se but I think anything that adds options for the Allied player is a good thing.

    I agree the islands should have no IPC value but making them playable on the map seems simple enough.

  • Also Axis defence would be streched on 3 island instead of 2, Allies can have better option for amph.ass on italy using corsica as a base for bombers and fighters

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