After Rebellion, now a new Star Trek board game

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    After SW Rebellion, we finally have (hopefully) an epic Star Trek game, 4x category.

    Cardassia and Ferengi expansion to follow for a 4 player (also 5?) game.

    I must say, aesthetically it looks very good to me. And it has Warbirds, so whats not to like 🙂

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    My group finally gave it a spin recently and we enjoyed it, despite a steep learning curve that made the game last well over four hours. Much like Rebellion this game executes a thematic feel very effectively with each faction’s attributes and projects.

    One issue that I heard about in a three player game is the possibility of two players ganging up on one, but those are the breaks for any multiplayer 4x game. With that said I’m looking forward to getting the expansions and having a bigger galaxy to contest.

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    yes, we played it as well a couple times, I really like it, and finally offers something different than just Star Wars on and on (not that I dislike SW, I play a lot of Armada).

    We made our mistakes, but with each attempt fewer of them. Three players is always a prob, isnt it? With the trade deals ist starts, if you miss out too long, its a distinct disadvantage, and even if you are given one, if its the weaker you still are.

    Welcoming Cardassia and Ferenginar with open arms 🙂

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    Now that me and my buddies have a few games under our belts we were able to get an exciting game in with momentum shifts and a tense ending. The Federation player was racing to a usual culture/Ascendancy lead while the Roluman player also turtled up in his corner to gain production and research. As the Klingons I knew I had to upset the apple cart, and made beelines to both factions. After failing to bully the Federation into a favorable trade deal I attacked one of their systems along our neutral zone and began a conflict with them that would carry over to the end of the game. I also sent a message to the Romulans from my side of the border, but they were in a much better position to counterattack and prevent any further incursions.

    Once it became clear the Federation was going to win the game in a few turns the Romulans and I made a trade agreement to bolster our production, or at least mine since the suspicious Senate had to first pore through the details. With my boosted weapons (no need to invest in shields, they are for cowards) to take on Federation Fleets and Reclamation Barges to scoop up collateral damage from invasions I was able to ram my way through their space all the way to Earth. At the same time I had to protect my flanks from a Romulan sneak attack, but by that point even with an active agreement their production was never high enough to amass fleets to threaten my Empire. Once Earth fell the game ended a turn later, right in the middle of my campaign toward Romulus.

    Who knows when it will be on shelves, but I can’t wait to play a game with the Borg wreaking havoc!

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    thx for the write-up!

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    If you’re looking for a shorter, easier version of a Star Trek empire type board game, this has gotten really good reviews:

    Risk: Star Trek 50th anniversary edition

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    this has gotten really good reviews:
    Risk: Star Trek 50th anniversary edition

    Note, however, that the plastic ship pieces (see the picture I took below of my copy of the game) are not as crisp as those in A&A, if that’s a consideration for you.  The detailing is marginal, the plastic is soft, and some of the nacelle struts aren’t entirely straight in some of the units.  On a lighter note, I can’t help wondering how Worf would have felt at the beginning of Star Trek: First Contact going into battle against the Borg in a lavender-coloured Defiant.

    Star Trek Risk 2.jpg

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    Well the first problem is that you’re on the wrong ship, everyone knows Kirk’s ship is the correct vessel to be on.

  • I haven’t played Star Trek Risk (I’m a Risk 2210 fan), but Star Trek Ascendancy is an instant classic in my opinion.  It makes my all time top 7, and I recommend it if you like multi-player empire building games and you don’t mind the science fiction.

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