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  • Good evening folks!

    I’ve been playing A&A for a couple decades and if one is in a game against a singular opponent of equal skill I can say with certainty that the Axis will fight a long, drawn out battle only to lose eventually.  Why?  Simple.  If the UK builds either an Indian factory (assuming Germany doesn’t make the mistake of trying to take Egypt on their 1st turn)OR S. Africa factory (assuming the Germans DO make the mistake of attacking Egypt 1st turn) coupled with the US completely ignoring the Pacific other than to defend the US mainland and bringing their full might against Germany the game is over after a few dozen turns at the very most.  The Axis needs a LOT of luck in dice rolls…EARLY…coupled with near-perfect purchasing strategy.

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    Hi Derwood and welcome to the forum.

    I believe the aggregated wisdom on this forum is that the axis have the advantage in 42.2, which is contrary to your assertion. If playing with bids, typically a 12+ bid is required to take the allies. If you don’t know about bids, that means a player agreeing to be allies if he/she is given 12 ipcs to spend on additional units to the OOB set up.

    Also the UK starts with a factory in India.

    Perhaps you are playing a different version of the game and not 42.2?


  • Yeah, I play the original version of A&A 3rd edition.  My buddy and I always give the Axis Super Subs and Jet Fighters to try and even up the odds.  We haven’t gone as far as using the editor to give more advantage to the Axis…yet.

    Still though…the Axis is definitely more fun to play in the 1st few turns. 🙂

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