Bellorussia stack defense (A&A europe)

  • Can someone explain to me turn by turn how this works for some reason it wont work for me. Maybe even explain it a little more in depth. thanks 😃

  • It doesnt really work well, But….

    Basically first turn put all of your forces (except 1 inf in each province that can be attacked) into Belorussia and Karelia. Build all Art, then delay the Germans long enough for the Allies to land.

  • Does it mean you leave Ukraine and Leningrad to Germany ?

  • Is there a good strategy for russia? i really want to cream my germany-loving friend 😃

  • No, you want Germany to attack Lenningrad and Ukraine. When he does attack it you attack back. The problem is Germany can just sit back and build up until its bigger than yours, since he out economys russia.

    Try this, put Equal forces in Lenningrad, Russia, BeloRussia and Ukraine, From there on delay Geramny (gota go will elaborate later)

  • Another option for playing russia is buying planes with the other allies and fly them in and make them Russian. This way you can accumulate a tremendous fleet. Once you have enough bombers and fighters you can attack towards Germany. I have to go now good luck.

    Apres nous le deluge. Louis XVI.

  • Yeah that works well, but the Russians need to hold Lenningrad. By turn 6 this could mean 10 fighters.

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