Any Classic Players Left Out There?

  • I know most active players have long since moved on to new editions, but I would love to find some new foes for classic.  Who still plays?  If you do, what general region are you located in?  I’m in the greater Seattle area.

  • I’ve just recently starting playing again on gamesbyemail. If you don’t mind taking a few turns a day and playing online, start a game, I’ll join you unless others get to it first.

  • Thanks for the reply.  This would actually be my first time using gamesbyemail, so let me get on there and get a feel for it.  I’ll let you know when I start a game.  Looking forward to it!

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    Why not use TripleA for this, as we all do?

    Just look for these stickies in the Software subforum:

  • Before I had kids, I had friends available for face to face games, which was amazing.  Now that I’m coming back to the game after a few years, I really didn’t know where all these online options were.  So thank you for linking those stickies.  It’s REALLY nice not to need to sift through a dozen pages of old forum posts to find this  🙂 I’ll probably try both the email and tripleA options.

    I still don’t want to give up on finding the occasional face to face opponent, however.  I’ll bite the bullet and learn some new versions eventually, which will allow me to participate in my local meetup.  Nothing will kill my nostalgia for classic, though!  If anyone in the Seattle area come across this and wants to meet for a classic game, drop me a line:

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    I played the classic A&A game even before the 2nd edition came out.  I still have that edition in my closet, but I haven’t played it since the 1980s… I returned to A&A last year as my kids were creeping up in an age old enough to play it, so I decided to start getting back into it… but instead of dusting off my 30yo copy, I dove deep, bought the 1941 and 1942SE versions, bought extra units, printed bigger gamemaps and added some other customizations… to me it was just more than a game, and part of it being a collectible.

    30 years later, I’m still having problems finding anyone to play, but hey, at least I have a good setup now (and I’m in the Florida Panhandle… not exactly close to Seattle).


  • I bought the MB game when it came out in the 1980’s. Loved it. The only thing that ever stopped a game was the “Robotech” anime - my friend’s kid brother flipped on the TV one day while we were playing, and this amazing new cartoon was running. We had to stop and watch…

    Anyway, I attend a game night at the local Game Shop (Raven’s Nest in Marietta, GA), and we sort of rotate through games. Last session one of the guys asked if we would be interesting in A&A. I said “[explative deleted] Yes!”
    He has the old MB edition (he is a game collector. He has a couple thousand games).

    So I guess I am a Classic Player again.

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    The original classic game came out in 1984… that’s the version I have (now in retirement collecting dust)… the 2nd edition came out in 1986, but really isn’t any different other than some rule tweaks (like removing Commander in Chief rules).  Same board and units as the 1984 version.

    The more modern versions have considerable unit and map updates with more refinements to the rules, but its still obviously the same feel of the old game and definitely recognizable as “Axis and Allies” to anyone who played classic.  I own 1941 and 1942SE now with many extra units and “doo-dads” to go with it.

  • I’m pretty sure we were playing the 1986 version.

    Thank-you for the reply!

    Are there any errors in the rules i should know about. I am having a tough time accounting for UK’s 30 IPC and Japan’s 25 IPC at the start of the game, but I may have the IPC values off, I don’t have a board, and I have been squinting at jpgs of boards on the WWW.

    Territory IPC
    Alaska 2
    Algeria 1
    Anglo-Egypt Sudan 1
    Australia 2
    Belgian Congo 1
    Borneo Celebes 1
    Brazil 3
    Caroline Islands 0
    Caucasus 3
    China 2
    East Indies 2
    Eastern Canada 3
    Eastern Europe 3
    Eastern United States 12
    Evenki National Okrug 2
    Finland/Norway 2
    French Equitorial Africa 1
    French Indo-China Burma 3
    French West Africa 1
    Germany 10
    Hawaii 1
    India 3
    Italian East Africa 1
    Japan 8
    Karalia 3
    Kazakh SSR 2
    Kenya Rhodesia 1
    Kwangtung 3
    Lybiya 1
    Madagascar 1
    Manchuria 3
    Mexico 2
    Midway Island 0
    New Guinea 1
    New Zealand 1
    Novosibirsk 2
    Okinawa 1
    Panama 1
    Persia 1
    Philippines 1
    Russia 8
    Sinkiang 2
    Solomon Islands 0
    South Africa 2
    Southern Europe 6
    Soviet Far East 2
    Syria Iraq 1
    Ukrain SSR 3
    United Kingdom 8
    Wake Island 0
    West Indies 1
    Western Canada 1
    Western Europe 6
    Western United States 10
    Yakut SSR 2

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    I know the Philippines are 3 and Anglo Egypt is 2, so there’s some points you missed there… here’s a decent map with numbers for you.


  • BOOM! that was it.


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