• I was wondering if anyone has designed a weapons development chart?  We broke out the 42 revised this past weekend and the chart that came with this game gives me vertigo!  There should be a warning.  :wink:

    I’m only guessing I’m not the only one that gets dizzy looking at this.  Although maybe I am if no one is playing this version anymore.


  • You are talking about the correct game, right?  Revised, not 1942?  Isn’t the weapons development chart basically just a list of the six techs and if a country gets it, you put the little marker with their flag next to it?  If the one that comes with the game is too garish for your taste, couldn’t you just write the names of the techs on a sheet of paper?

    A lot of people still play this game, but AFAIK all on tripleA.  It’s more convenient than using a board, and easier to find opponents.  However, most (95%?) people don’t play tech.  Hope to see you on the (virtual) Revised battlefield soon.

  • I still claim that this is the best version of global at this scale. (difficult to compare with G40 and G41)

  • Yea, sorry the 2004 Revised edition.  The one that has the WD attached to the IPC tracker.  I took the initiative to create a couple of simple aids.  Not as sexy as what I typically find on this forum but they work.  The cards I print out on a color printer on 110lb card stock.  It gives it enough rigidity to make it feel like a card.  Most home printers can handle 110lb card stock paper. And if you want the one page WD Chart I made a simple chart without a lot of noise.  Don’t know about most of you but after a beer or twelve I start to forget about any WD that I may have researched, that’s why many games we just go without WD. So the cards are great reminders.  I also agree we really seem to enjoy the AA Revised, Spring 1942 and Spring 1942 2nd, because they are easy set ups and much quicker than G40 (but I do enjoy a nice heated weekend long G40 battle when time permits).  Not to mention that I have the 6x3 boards for all from a print shop prepared by our Imperious Leader!

    AAR WD v1[721].pdf
    AA WD Card v2[722].pdf

  • Nice work!

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