Anaheim players for young A&A enthusiast?

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    One of my YouTube Subscribers is 14 years old and just bought Europe and Pacific 1940 against his parents wishes due to the fact that he has no one to play with (nice!). Can anyone help find this kid a group to join? He lives in Anaheim and he’s very eager to play.

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    We are not kids, but we were when we started, I started with classic when I was 12ish, killed the adults, he is more then welcome to hang with us in Mission Viejo (20 min or so away), hell need to get a ride here and back though, the bus stop is near me.

  • Back when I was a kid and I had Axis and Allies, didn’t have many that were that into it back then… I would play solitaire, lol. I would force myself to play each country in the best possible way for that country. I think I was 12 or 13. Good luck!

  • I was twelve when I got 1941.  I am only 16 still.  My group consists of 11-53 years of age the youngest being my little brother.  Most of us are 15-18.  Three of them are family members and the rest are friends or simply kids from school.  I would recommend that he first ask his family if they are interested.  That is a small chance so he can then go to his friends or people his age he is axquainted with or anyone decent and interested really.  However, I spent my first year just playing solo and occasionally with family and this really helped me get the rules down.  Best of luck to him!

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