• Looking for a slow pace game.  Could be as slow as a country-a-day (probably slower).  Though I am retired, this pace might be good for someone who is working for a living.  Battle rolls to be resolved using pbem website which allows for both sides to get the dice roll results.  I have done 3 games in this manner - works easy and well.  Probably no house rules - but open to suggestions - this would be my first Europe game.  I have played 1940 Pacific, so I know the rules okay.  Just use email icon to left to contact me.  Thanks.

  • Re-posting this item.  May be some interest over holiday period.  I am playing 1914, but can double up with a 1940 game.  The process is slow - but I find it preferable do allow sufficient time to do a good move.  Thanks.

  • 2022 2021 '20 '19

    I’m also looking to play Europe 1940 v2 by pbem.  Ready to start any time.

  • This sounds interesting. Is this for the 1999 1940 version, or the new one?

    I play with the 1999 edition if anyone wants to try a game. I’m a motivated player.

    Could you be able to play over a instant messenger type thing to speed it up, say at night for us 9-5ers?

  • 2022 2021 '20 '19

    Other players have contacted me and I am finishing up 1 forum game and starting 2  new forum games of Europe 1940. The turns are going fast so it’s time consuming.  I haven’t even had time to play Panzer Corps lately, which is my other favorite game.  So I will decline to play against you in play by email.  Sorry, hope that you find someone else to play against.

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