Unit House Rules Collection

  • This topic is specifically to list house rules for units in whatever Axis and Allies game intended for. Please however list said game for a particular collection for clarification, the text enlarged and bolded.

    Axis and Allies Global

    Cruiser - Attack: 3, Defense: 3, Movement: 3, Cost: 11, Special: Can bombard during an Amphibious Assault per Transport.

    Tactical Bomber - Attack: 3, Defense: 3, Movement: 4, Cost: 10, Special: Can Attack at 4 when paired with a Tank or Fighter, Can damage Air Bases and Naval Bases.

    Strategic Bomber - Attack: 4, Defense: 1, Movement: 6, Cost: 11, Special: Can damage any Facilities, may only Attack at 2 against Naval Units, add 2 in damage if originated from an operational Air Base.

    Anti-Aircraft Artillery - Attack: -, Defense: -, Movement: 1, Cost: 6, Special: During the first round for combat (attacking or defending), it may shoot up to 3 Air Units, if any are 1, said unit is destroyed and may not fire back, may not be used in additional combat rounds except as a casualty.

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