Gencon 2016 - G42 Tourney - National Championship

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    Hey all,

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Mr. Smorly and his crew at the Smorly Swamp at Gencon 2016.  Really made a great effort to make us feel welcome and provide a great referee for determining teams and times.  Made some awesome trophies, had a huge number of great prizes (+30 games, minis, shirts, everything).  He puts a ton of time and effort into these events and they wouldn’t be the same without him.

    Also a shout out to Bob Roby, 2012 and 2014 Gencon G42 Tournament Co-winner.    Played like a true gentleman; offered great advice, and was a gracious loser at both Kantcon 2016 and in our Gencon Tournament Game.

    We and he want a rematch without delay here in Kansas City at Tabletop Game and Hobby!  Thank you to Phil Kilgore for providing a free practice and play space for our club.

    Maphead and I won the G42 tournament our first time at Gencon, 3-1, Ally, Axis, Axis, Axis.  It was an awesome experience and the entire crew of the global games went out for a drink.  Our opponents first day, James and Jason, went out to dinner with us and shared war stories.  It was an incredible experience and every player was a sportsman and a gentleman.

    Look forward to seeing you all again in the future at the Swamp.  Shout out to Tirano and Siparo who attended and the rest from the boards for all their good advice and feedback.  Veni, Vidi, Vici!

    Jon Bosch    Taamvan
    Dave Marts  Maphead

  • Siparo, Roger and I are looking forward to eventually playing both you and Dave. Congrats on the tournament victory and making GenCon. Here’s to many more!

    That being said, the semifinals with James and Jason was one of the most intense and close matches I’ve ever played. It truly came down to the ANZAC’s one and only attack (failing) on Turn 7. I don’t mention that to minimize their victory by any means. It was an epic game and they deserved to advance. All that being said, it was great to go out for drinks with lots of players throughout the Con.

    I’m looking forward to the Tennessee events this autumn, NashCon 2017, Origins 2017, GenCon 2017, etc.

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    Totally agreed.  I am still exhausted from all the processing but it was an intense experience and I think everybodys play rises to the occasion because the competition is pretty much the best you can find.  And great camaraderie too.

    Hope a lot more of the people on the boards are able to come out play, thinking of getting dave a copy of 42.2…lol

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    Sounds like an incredible time.  I was planning to attend but ended up having to cancel.  I have never played Axis, Global or any board game at GENCON before.  I used to play MTG at GENCON in Wisconsin and twice in Indy. I’m hoping one of theses years I can make it to GENCON.

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    How long ago was the Gencon in Milwaukee ? I live in Kenosha

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    12 years ago.  Some vets attended since those days.

    Gencon has undergone some drama with WotC, its former owner, so Magic and DnD are less represented than ever but they have been essentially replaced by better games, like Netrunner and Pathfinder.

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