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    Anyone else thinking of buying/pre-ordering this?

    The recent leaks and online live plays have somewhat dampened my enthusiasm, as I now think the game is a lot more linear than we’d been led to believe.

    The whole thing of exploring planets and discovering new life forms turns out to be so much moving wallpaper; the real game takes place in the Alien bases and space stations where you trade and communicate, and the order in which you encounter them will be tailored to your status in the game rather than the random nature of events the game is being sold on.

    Basically, the game is really about levelling up your ship/suit/multi-tool by trading and crafting, everything else is padding.

    Probably have to wait for GTA in space to get the game I really want.
    I’ll still probably get it, but I’m expecting something of a big disappointment.

  • Thats the spirit, Flash  😄

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    Well I bought the game and played till 4.40 this morning. I can just about deal with the crafting to get all the other stuff.

    Contrary to my expectations naming stars, planets and animals is rather fun; I found one ugly big misshapen beast on my home planet and named it Imperious Leader.


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