• During a recent YG video(I want to say his Q&A) he referred to China as a meat grinder before the J1 attack started to become popular. I guess I am asking him as well as everyone else, how can that be? Even if Japan keeps the Allies out of the war for 4 complete turns, they still have 21 planes plus their ground troops and transports to absolutely punish the Chinese. I’ve heard talk about certain games where China owns all their own territories and a starting to take over the coast land from Japan and I just can’t see it. I guess this maybe my way of asking for a good Chinese strategy, if their is one? The way I currently see it. Japan without the money islands or anything can still crush China with hardly a hiccup. Should I be spreading my infantry out more? As of now I kindve focus on the Burma Road and load most units into there.

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    China’s role really depends on what Japan wants to do with it.

    If Japan wants to ignore it, China should be annoying, spread out, and kill as many Japanese infantry as possible. Break through the lines, place your build in a territory you just captured, and force Japan to run all over the place, taking the Japanese troops in the wrong direction as often as possible.

    If Japan wants to bypass China to get to the back side of Russia, China should stack into one big stack in the center of the country (Shensi) so that Japan can only pass it in force, then retreat to Tsinghai.

    Either way, you should always protect your fighter since it can’t be replaced. This means parking it out of range of Japan’s air force.

    You want to keep the Burma road open for as long as possible, so as to collect your six IPC NO.


  • Last game we played, the Chinese player just kept moving out of range of Japan, letting him take territory but not units. He also didn’t spend his money, so when he finally got backed into a corner, he was sitting on a nice stack of money and rebuilt his entire army behind Japanese lines.

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    That’s an interesting idea – maybe build the first couple of turns with China, then start saving money so you can immediately build when the US liberates a territory. Instant reinforcements without logistics!


  • If Japan wants to end the Chinese threat, they need to devote resources towards it. Yeah, Japan has an impressive air force. But Japan is stretched out in so many different directions that they’re forced into tough decisions regarding what to do with their air force. Once CHina falls back a couple of turns, Japan’s air usually can’t reach if it stays in a typical central location near the coast. So Does Japan take a decent portion of their air force out of position for 2-3 turns or does it let China fester on the periphery?

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