• My brother-in-law and I have played 5 games of Axis and Allies.  The axis has won 5 times.  I have played axis 3 times and played poorly as at least one power each time, but what ends up happening is that Japan has complexes on the mainland in Asia and ends up overrunning any forces there before US or UK can put enough pressure on Germany (or create a situation in Asia that is to the allies favor).

    Complex in India has been tried, and it slows the Japanese run into Asia, but then there isn’t enough pressure on Germany from Britain to slow Germany down from taking Moscow.  I know that there is some kind of “kill Japan first strategy,” but I wondered how one went about doing that?

    As the allies, I have tried a complex in India and managed to hold out against Japan for some time, but eventually Japan’s two complexes on the mainland out-produced my one complex.  The US is two turns away from invading Europe or Japan, so Germany and Japan can always spend two rounds building up defenses to stop the US.

    Last game I was the axis powers.  I was getting my but kicked fairly well in Europe by Russia (yes, I played poorly as Germany) and ended up playing mostly defensively until Japan broke through into Russia and the US and UK couldn’t keep up with the infantry production of Germany (as they could never keep any footing in Western Europe or Southern Europe since they can’t really coordinate their attacks).  My opponent thinks that a British complex in Norway is the way to go as the allies, but if I played Germany better, that doesn’t seem like a real threat (at one point I left my air force next to his stack-he killed it and just lost infantry to my 3 bombers and 6 fighters; my opening move I moved almost all possible ground units into Karelia-6 infantry, 6 tanks-and he destroyed that stack with only 2 infantry lost as I rolled poorly).

  • The Allies have to work together to win, but it does take cooperation. And honestly, when I play…I typically ignore the Japanese in the Pacific (except for China, which I’ll explain in a second)

    ROUND 1: (Russia) I actually move 2 INF from Novosibiask > to support the US troops in Sinkiang. I also move 2 INF from Evenki National & Yakut > Novosibirsk

    (UK Round 1) i typically buy 1 Aircraft Carrier, 1 Transport and 2 INF.
    *I consolidate forces around India, including 1 INF from Persia and Trans Jordan. My UK Ftr MUST destroy the transport in SZ59. In addition, I get the Transport and the Submarine out of SZ40 and move them> SZ 20. If I’m feeling daring, I’ll pick up 2 INF from Australia and load them on the Transport as well…though this is a risk because it can easily be attacked by the Japanese…but even this has some advantage to it. If the Japanese attack them, they will not be able to attack India for another round…and that is another Round to build up the Allied collation in Asia.
    *If they have survived, the UK Battleship and Transport that was in SZ 2 needs to be moved > SZ 8. This is the focal point of the invasion for Western Europe.

    (USA Round 1) If I’m going to defend Asia, I’ll buy an Industrial Complex R1 along with Transports and INF. I’m different than a lot of players…as the US, I typically ignore the Pacific entirely (except for the Asia defense I’m working with Russia and the UK on.) I pull my Battleship and Transport out of SZ 55 and send them through the Panama Canal toward the East Coast. I also move the Destroyer in SZ20 back toward the East Coast.
    *Bombers fly to the UK and the FTR lands on the Aircraft Carrier the UK just produced to help defend it. Once the Bomber is in place for R2…ALWAYS STRATEGIC BOMB GERMANY!  (You might even want to buy another US Bomber) By R3 the US and the UK should be taking out between 9-10 IPCs from Germany each turn…and that will become HUGE. Work together with the UK player on this and each round send another bombing raid on Berlin. I can’t stress this enough.
    *If the forces in China have survived, pull them back to Sinkiang at the end of US Round 1. If Japan didn’t take out the US FTR in China, they are stupid and you have a gift!  Place your Industrial Complex in Sinkiang.

    Now look at the Allies situation at the beginning of ROUND 2
    *On Russia R2, Russia can pour 4 more INF into Sinkiang from Novosibirsk, pushing those defenses up to 8-10 INF (+1 FTR if you are lucky) The US Industrial Complex can produce 1 FTR + 1 ARMOR, which will make those defenses even better. By R3, Sinkiang could have: 2-3 FTRS, 2 ARMOR & 8-10 INF. This is a lot of firepower and will cause the Japanese some headaches for several rounds…which is all you need.
    *UK has a force in India with swelling support. Again, this will force the Japanese to split their attention between the US and Russians in Sinkiang and the UK force in India. It will take them several rounds to capture both…which is all you need.
    *You also have a growing fleet in SZ 8 with an Aircraft carrier, Battleship and some Fighters. A second US Battleship is on its way and should be there R3. This is strong enough to protect the transports that will be flooding in. Here is the time you are needing that the Asian collation has given you. Japan will be stalled in Sinkiang and India for a few rounds and as you are building an invasion fleet in SZ 8, it will force Germany to pull forces from the Russian front to defend Europe. Once I have enough US and UK forces collected, I begin pouring in the assault in waves. Transports continually resupplying fresh troops in SZ 8 in a chain from the US. (The transports are produced, loaded, moved to SZ 8, Invade Europe, & return to the US for another round of troops.

    The Industrial Complex in Sinkiang is not defensible forever. Keep a close eye on when the right time to abandon it might be and fall back into Russia. This typically is a welcome relief as it will provide Moscow with some much needed FTR and Armor defense. Japan is going to get an Industrial Complex on the mainland of Asia eventually, so I don’t even worry that I’ve gifted the Japanese an extra one. What the Allies need is time, and this buys them 2-3 extra rounds.

    Japan can be an economic powerhouse, and own all of Asia and most of Africa for all I care, as long as Berlin falls and Moscow is protected. Typically, about the time Japan is gaining some real power in Asia and breaks through the defenses, Europe is about ready to fall to the Allies. Once this happens, its really over for Japan as they can not beat all three powers alone, no matter how much their territory has grown. They Allies will simply take it all back, and concentrate on Japan.

    When facing Germany I take the invasion of Europe in 3 phases: Phase 1 DESTROY THE GERMAN NAVY. Phase 2: DESTROY THE GERMAN FTRS (this will take awhile, and usually involves several German attacks against the growing Allied Atlantic Fleet…but it’s Germany’s only option to stop the build up of Transports. Eventually, Germany will lose their FTRS by having to attack this fleet. Of course, the Allies will have to keep building lost transports that the Allies will sacrifice to soak up the attack, but that is losing 8 IPCs (for a transport) for the German 10. (This gives the Allies a +$2 IPC advantage for this attack) Germany can’t replace FTRS as easily as the Allies can replace Transports.
    Phase 3: D-DAY and invade Europe wherever practical!  (Only do this when Phase 1 & 2 is complete)

    Game over.

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