G40 - Fall of London - Canada?, South Africa??

  • My group wants in implement a house rule that states that upon the fall of London some of the UK Atlantic territories would still fight on upon their own accord.  Basically, the UK Atlantic player can still collect income from these territories and continue production from any factories inside of these territories.

    Countries & Territories that continue to produce IPC’s for UK Atlantic with London being under Nazi Control:

    • All Canadian Territories

    • Union of South Africa

    • South West Africa

    • Rhodesia

    All other territories under UK Atlantic control would not produce any income until London is recovered.

    I think this would be historically accurate.  Of course, it is a “what-if” scenerio that fortunatly never played out in real life.  But I don’t see Canada folding if London would fall.  … Quite the contrary!  I think the case could also be made for South Africa.

    However, what about Egypt, West India, and other parts of Africa?  They were more “colonial dependent”.  I think the fall of London might have created unrest in these areas and therefore they would not have participated in an organized way.

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    You might find useful some of the information in the British section of my G40 map analysis:


    Egypt, for example, was technically an independent country during WWII, though there was a lot of British influence.  It was also somewhat unstable; some members of King Farouk’s inner circle were a little too pro-Nazi for London’s taste, and in 1942 the British Army actually staged a mini-coup to get rid of them.

    I agree that if the UK itself had been occupied the rest of the British Commonwealth’s self-governing Dominions, who in 1939 had declared war in their own names (rather than being automatically dragged in by Britian, as was the case in 1914), would have continued the fight on their own.  The British colonial territories are a more complicated case, with no clear answer.  India is particularly problematic to speculate about; if Britain’s homme territory had come under Nazi occupation, the independence movement in India would probably have been given quite a boost.  Even if India had, however, declared itself independent from the UK, this would hardly have translated into India surrendering to Japan, since that would have undercut the whole point of being independent in the first place.

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