A&A Mini Lot for Sale, Hand Picked Collection of Nearly 700 Pieces

  • This is a stellar collection from all the major powers, from all the sets BEFORE the big scale change and the perfect way to drop into the game with both feet running.  It is the stuff that everyone wanted, for the most part.  Bought/traded for “the good stuff” (ie. SS panzer 4s, T-34s, Easy 8s, etc)

    I sold/traded off most of the minority power stuff (Chinese, Romanian, Hungarian, Polish, etc) as it wasn’t as fun to play.  We always played with single countries per side (as opposed to playing generic axis vs allies).

    There is a large selection of French and German 1939 stuff; it’s a lot of fun running strict early war scenarios.

    Have a TON of maps, I think some were only available in organized play.  Specifically, the Normandy map is a lot of fun.  Also have a lot of printed scenarios, and have the Advanced Rulebook.

    All figures have cards I do believe and they are sleeved.

    I do not have a manifest for this collection as yet.

    Sold as is.  Inquire for pics.  $750

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