Game of Thrones : Battle of the Bastards

  • This episode shows that Sansa Stark was about two to three steps ahead of her mom.

    Katelyn found out about the red wedding betrayal after Rob’s army already got drunk.  way too late… But Rob did not much heed his mom’s warnings before approaching the Twins anyway.

    Sansa warns Jon and Davos about how manipulative Ramsey can be, but that gets drowned out by how they gotta save Rickon and unite the Northern houses.  She is gone on the morning of the battle.

    Rickon shows what a lapdog hostage he became.
    What, no rage against his captors ?!?!? 
    Did he have any clue that to run  to his " brother " would give Ramsey a big “game” opportunity to capture or kill them both?

    Hurrah, Hurrah, great show!  Fans are happy! accolades for the HBO Production team.
    Let’s focus on 3 aspects/inconsistencies of the battle struck me as very odd:

    I guess it would have been very bad for ratings if Rickon took a blade off of Ramsey’s belt to attack the Bolton commander.  Win or lose, Jon’s army would have started off under better order.

    The Wildlings and Ser Davos saw the Bolton shield and long spearmen just run the pincer envelopment on them undisrupted.

    After instinctively fighting the whole morning , they all of the sudden decide to stop in amazement at the synchronized running of the Bolton heavy lancer units ?!?!?

    To get so far out of the zone, would be like the Cleveland Cavaliers freezing in midcourt to allow the opposing basket ball team lay-up after lay-up.

    Sansa and Petyr appear well composed and well rested as the knights of the Vale charge onto the field.
    Not panting, sweaty, or urgently worn out looking for where the knights can save her brothers.
    It must have been a leisurely horsetrot that morning, no hurry at all.

    Fans may just be glossing over these big battles, long overdue in the series.  I expect you guys, fellow experts in war and battle, would have watched the youtube replays about as critically/studious as I did.  I mean, a few parts just did not seem right, so I had to watch it a few times over to narrow down what seemed so wrong.

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    That’s all three big battles in the show (Blackwater, The Wall & Bastardbowl) decided by a third army showing up in the nick of time and saving a losing force from being wiped out.

    Jon Zombie Snow is a truly woeful military commander, why do people follow him? Sansa should be proclaimed Queen in the North and marry Sweetrobin.

    Why didn’t Ramsey have scouts looking out for the Vale army (or any other reinforcements)?

    Where was the Bolton cavalry (and archers) when the Vale Knights attacked?

    Why didn’t Sansa tell Ramsey the Eagles were coming; she could have negotiated a deal where they got Rickon back alive and Ramsey slunk back to the Dreadfort.

    The Maesters will have to cook something up to take out the dragons next season.

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