Gencon 2016 - G42 Tourney Balance Bids and Ideas

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    I’ll be attending Gencon 2016 August 4-7 with my teammate, Maphead.  I realize that this isn’t the most on-point forum to ask this question, but it is the most active forum among Global players, so please forgive me this once.

    I’m interested in what people think an appropriate bid for G42 Scenario is? 
    Some people have said this one favors the Allies, though I’ve played it twice and reviewed it this weekend, I’m not so sure.   
    What do you guys think, what kind of bid prevails in the G42 Tripple A tourney?

    Looking forward to seeing you guys there.  Taamvan + Maphead

  • Well I have not played on Triple A but I have spoke to people who are frequent players and played a few Face to Faces and an average bid is 12+ for Axis from what I’ve seen.

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    I think there’s a consensus that Germany is squeezed in this iteration since Russia can take a lot off the board in the first round. Italy is already hampered and the UK has no threat of Sea Lion to worry about. I think some extra German infantry would help.

    Japan can become a monster by the second round, they don’t need much help.

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    My teammates and I are planning to play G42 as well. Have you played the tournament scenario yet? It is available on TripleA.


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    Mr. Siparo,

    We don’t play Tripple A but we have the live board set for G42, played twice earlier this year, and have been studying the setup.  Don’t know if you’ve rec’d Mr. Smorley’s emails but he looks like a great coordinator and it sounds like even if we don’t qualify, that we will have plenty of chances to play AxA if space can be found so buy the “random tickets” you need in case and also pick all badge and event tickets up on Wednesday, as you will miss your morning games otherwise.

    Look forward to playing with you sir!


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    Even if you don’t qualify on first day you can typically re-enter for the second day. Or you can ask others about a game. Greg does a great job. He’s been running the A&A tournaments at Origins and GenCon for years. If you really like Global, please check out our group in Nashville. We host a few long weekend events per year. We’ve had guys come in from all over.

    Hope to see you at GenCon.

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