New Research and Development for A&A Global 1940

  • Hi all!
    I made this new research table breakthrough for A&A Global, cause i think the original ones was too weak. Stuff like War Bonds or Improved Shipyards are strange concepts imho (spend money to recieve money back overtime ? :? ). Those rules can be used of course on every A&A game, not only Global 1940.

    I just want to share this new research with you all, and listening at your feedbacks, you veterans!  😄
    Please let me know what do you think!
    Enjoy!  :lol:

    (N.B.: 1,2,3 Ground and 1,5,6 Air/Naval are the same of standard rules)


    Research and Development sequence
    1. Boost research
    2. Roll research dice
    3. Roll breakthrough dice
    4. Invest in research

    1. If you don’t have any research token in your reserve, go directly on step 4. If you have at least one research token, you can choose to boost research for that turn. If you do so, spend 5 IPCs: only for that turn the research is boosted.
    2. Roll a die for each research token in your reserve, +1 die if you boost the research for that turn. If you score at least one “1”, you made a breakthrough: remove all research tokens from your reserve and go to step 3. If not, skip step 3 and go to step 4.
    3. Choose one table and roll a dice to determine the research you’ve gotten.
    4. You can choose either to invest or do not invest in research. If you do not invest, you lost all the research tokens in your reserve. If you do invest, you spend 5 IPCs and add one research token in your reserve.


    • On first turn Japan starts with 0 research token and so go directly on step 4. He decides to invest in research, spending 5 IPCs and taking one research token.
    • On second turn Japan decides to boost his research, spending 5 IPCs. He then roll two dice, one for the token and one for the boost. He scores 2 and 5, no breakthrough. He then decides to continue investing in research, spending 5 IPCs, acquiring a second research token.
    • On third turn Japan decides to not boost his research, and then roll two dice for the two tokens he has. He scores 6 and 1, breakthrough! He remove all the tokens and got a research. Then he decide to continue investing in research, spending 5 IPCs. He now has one research token in reserve.


    1. Advanced Artillery. Each of your artillery units can now provide greater support. One artillery unit can support up to 2 infantry and/or mechanized infantry units per attack. Up to 2 infantry and/or mechanized infantry units when coupled with 1 artillery unit have attack values of 2.
    2. Rockets. Your air bases can now launch rockets. During the Strategic and Tactical Bombing Raids step of your Conduct Combat phase each turn, each of your operative air bases can make a single rocket attack against an enemy industrial complex, air base, or naval base within 4 spaces of it. This attack does one die roll of damage to that facility. Rockets may not be fired over neutral territories.
    3. Paratroopers. Up to 2 of your infantry units in each territory with an air base can be moved to an enemy controlled territory 3 or fewer spaces away that is being attacked by your land units from adjacent territories and/or by amphibious assault. When moving, paratroopers must obey the same restrictions that air units do. If the territory being attacked has AAA (antiaircraft artillery) units, the paratrooper infantry units are subject to antiaircraft fire in the same way as air units. If attacking along with land units from adjacent territories, paratroopers may retreat as normal.
    4. Improved Factory. Each of your industrial complexes can now produce additional units beyond their normal production ability. Major industrial complexes can mobilize up to 12 units, and minor ones can mobilize up to 4 units. Also, your industrial complexes have now built-in Artillery. Major industrial complexes have 2 built-in Artilleries and minor ones have 1 built-in Artillery. You can use this Artilleries in battle only for defence. This special Artilleries are added on the battle board but can’t never be taken as a casuality. If in any round, after remove casualities, there are no other defence units except for built-in Artilleries, they are immediatly removed. In any case, at the end of the battle, remove them from the battleboard.
    5. Accurated Bombardment. Your Artilleries can now be parried with Fighters. This improve the Artillery both Attack and Defence by 1 (from 2 to 3). A single Fighter can both be parried with an Artillery and a Tactical Bomber in the same moment.
    6. Fast Tanks. Only on the first cycle of combat, your tanks can support infantry/mechanized infantry (just like artilleries).


    1. Super Submarines. The attack value of your submarines is now 3 instead of 2.
    2. Antiaircraft Cruisers. Your Cruisers have now a built-in AAA (antiaircraft artillery).
    3. Torpedo Bombers. Your Tactical Bombers are now equipped with a single Torpedo. Only during the first round of a Naval Combat, both Defending and Attacking Torpedo Bombers roll an extra dice called “Torpedo”. Those dices have attack and defence value of 2 (3 if coupled with a fighter). Enemy aircrafts cannot be hitted by “Torpedo” dices. When you have to allocate hits, first of all allocate “Torpedo” dices, and then proceeds with the others.
    4. Dreadnought Battleships. Your Battleships now have long range cannons. Before a naval battle begins (even before AAA phase), there is a single special round fight. In this special round only Battleships attack and defence with a value of 2, and submarines and aircrafts cannot be taken as casualities. For each Fighter on your side you can increase one Battleship attack and defence to 3. Casualities are immediatly removed and cannot take place in the normal battle.
    5. Long-Range Aircraft. All of your air unit’s ranges are increased by one space.
    6. Heavy Bombers. Your strategic bombers are now heavy bombers. When attacking, whether in a battle or a strategic bombing raid, roll two dice for each bomber and select the best result.

    Torpedo Bombers, Example:
    A Japanese Aircraft Carrier and an American one are standing in the pacific ocean. They have both one Fighter and one Torpedo Bomber.

    During the Japanese turn, the Japanese attack with his Fighter and his Torpedo Bomber on the sea zone with the American Aircraft Carrier. The Japanese has 1 dice of 3 for the Fighter, 1 dice of 4 for the Tactical Bomber, and 1 more dice “Torpedo” of 3.
    He rolls and obtains 6, 4, 2 respectively, inflicting 1 normal hit and 1 “Torpedo” hit.

    The American has 1 dice of 2 for the Aircraft Carrier, 1 dice of 3 for the Torpedo Bomber, and 1 dice of 4 for the Fighter. His “Torpedo” dice is lost, because there aren’t ships on Japanese army.
    He rolls and obtains 5, 5, 3 respectively, inflicting 1 normal hit.

    The Japanese assign the hit to his Fighter, which is destroyed.
    The American first of all have to assign the “Torpedo” hit, he has to assign it to the Aircraft Carrier, because it has to be assigned on ships, which is now damaged. Then he assign the normal hit at his Torpedo Bomber, which is destroyed.

    At this point the Japanese decide to pull back with his Torpedo Bomber, returning on his Aircraft Carrier.
    The American Fighter cannot land in the Aircraft Carrier, because it’s damaged, and cannot also land in any place, so it’s destroyed.

    With this attack the Japanese, losing only 1 Fighter, has inflicted a devastating blow to the American fleet, destroying two Aircrafts and damaging an Aircraft Carrier!

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