Germany in the med?

  • I’ve just started playing this wonderful game and only had about one and a half’s games worth. i so far have allies played axis against my dad who plays allies. in your guys experience how much influence should Germany have in the med? (assuming toranto raid happens and Germany is pushing into Russia)

  • @Shadowseer:

    in your guys experience how much influence should Germany have in the med?

    Air units only… that’s my opinion.

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    You can take southern france, even on G1.  This means you could get some Germany Navy in the med pretty quickly.

    Most allied players in most games wreck most of the Italian fleet on UK1 and try to finish it off at some point quickly after that.  In return, the UK ships die in the counterattack.  This leads in most games (bid or not) to a pretty empty med until the US arrives.    If the allies own Gibraltar, only subs can leave the med.  Nothing on the surface can pass out of the med unless you own TJordan and Egypt or Gibraltar, and its fairly difficult to capture these objectives without significant effort.

    This means that any units that Germany places in the med are not very well positioned to attack much of anything.  If you wanted to attack the Allied fleet off of Gibraltar as it forms up on US4 (or earlier), it would be easier to do it with strategic bombers or from SZ 112 and you wouldn’t have to split Germany into two fleets.

    If Germany builds a big navy, it cant buy a huge stack of bombers or armor/mechs to smash up Russia.  If it tries to build this fleet in the med, its pretty vulnerable to air attacks.  UK sea units in the med are also very vulnerable to air attack by both Italy and Germany, so there isn’t usually a UK navy there to attack with your German units until later in the game.

    A German navy up north can help you reinforce Norway, attack the UK in Sealion, or go over the top and amphib into North Russia.    A fleet down south a big diversion of resources so you’re going to need a very specific plan (oil? help Italy gain NOs?) that aren’t very direct ways of winning the game.

  • If you take S France G1 you can build a couple subs G2, then move them to Rome sz 95 (air cover). From there you can reach every sz in the Med along with air power. You can even hit sz 91 on the Atlantic side of Gibraltar (subs can pass the Gib Straight regardless of who owns it).

    Like the others said it takes away from your Russian push. Subs could spare your air force though if you hit an allied fleet in or around the Med.

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    I pretty much always leave the Med to Italy. Even if Germany takes S. France, it usually only uses the IC there for making infantry to protect the Atlantic coast, or maybe a couple of subs to help Italy clear out the Med right at first.
    Maybe one of those German infantry will go down, catch a ride on an Italian transport and land in Egypt for that German NO there, but this only happens if Italy is doing very well down there and that usually only happens if the Germans are successful at Sealion so UK is pretty much out of the European theater. Also, the US is usually busy in the Pacific and not doing much in the Atlantic.
    So, the Germans getting the “Land Unit in Egypt” NO is fairly rare.
    So in our games, Germany has little to no involvement in the Med.  They are either busy attacking England or going after Russia. Either of those takes too much financial commitment.

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