Trading pieces in Hamilton, Ontario Area

  • Hello All,

    After 1 starter set and 13 boosters, I am getting tired of trying to complete the set through purchasing boosters. I still need 5 pieces and would like to trade with anyone in the Hamilton area.  The following is what I have available for trade:

    MAS 7.5MM Rifle (2)
    Renault R-35 (1)

    Commissar (2)
    Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 (4)

    6 Pounder Antitank Gun (3)
    Churchill Crocodile (1)
    Humber Scout Car (2)
    Inspiring Lietenant (1)
    M3 Stuart (1)
    Royal Engineers (2)
    SMLE No. 4 Rifle (3)
    Vickers Machine Gun Team (3)

    Bazooka (4)
    Jeep (1)
    M1 Garand Rifle (3)
    M4A1 Sherman (4)
    Marines M2-2 Flamethrower (3)
    Mortar M2 (2)
    “Red Devil” Captain (3)

    Light Mortar (2)
    Mauser Kar 98K (3)
    MG 42 Machine Gun Team (2)
    PAK 38 Antitank Gun (4)
    Panzer IV Ausf. G (2)
    Panzerfaust 30 (3)
    SD KFZ 251 (1)
    SD KFZ 222 (1)
    SS-Haupsturmfuhrer (2)
    SS-Panther Ausf G (1)
    SS Panzergrenadier (3)
    Tiger I (1)

    Fucile Modello 1891 (2)

    47mm Type 1 Antitank Gun (4)
    Arisaka Rifle (2)
    Imperial Sergeant (2)
    Type 89 Mortar (3)
    Type 92 Machine-Gun Team (3)

    The following is what I need from Base Set 1:


    Crusader II

    Carro Armato

    Type 95 HA-GO

    If anyone would like to trade, get back to me.


  • hey good to see another person from ontario in the forum……anyway do you play at all?  cause i live in woodbridge and nobody around here plays this game at all which kinda sucks…i have some extra pieces you need for trade…

  • Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to play a game yet. Send me an email at and perhaps we can negotiate a trade and maybe even a game.


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