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    **Hey everyone,

    One of my YouTube subscribers recently sent my a game report from a match he had on the weekend… does anyone have some advice or comments about what happened?


    _Hey Young Grasshopper,

    It was an interesting match. By turn 5 the Axis were considered lost when I managed to turn it around. Standard moves for Germany, good rolls on bombing UK. At no point did Japan break 50 IPCs (never had more than 2 money islands) but I won in the pacific due to maneuvering.

    J1: two factories, invaded Russia, did Pearl and sacrificed 1 strat bomber, the USA countered with all fleet, all air units and got annihilated while I sacrificed one aircraft carrier. (Buy was bad)

    J2: pushed out of china, (Occupied by Russia) UK backing burma road, never closed it until end game, retreated fleet toward Japan from pearl, mostly build infantry for Russia. US lost strat, all fighters all ships. (was confident b/c no transports for Hawaii)

    J3: attacked Java, I had 2 inf 2 art. against 1 inf 1 art anzac, I lost the battle and the UK used its fleet and air force to wipe my units and Anzac grew OP (They had about 19 ships by endgame)

    Vague description from here

    Russian territories and northern china made up the IPC base, (hung around 45) was back in Japan, got another push for money islands ready, China earning 20 IPC, Anzac earning 20 IPC. New US fleet, looked grim. Had three factories mainland building only infantry. China got caught up stacking to take hong kong while I captured the rest, stole novabrisk to help Germans.

    Interesting thing was eventually the Anzac and US fleet outnumbered quite a bit because I’d failed to get a good IPC base Large fleet at Philippines when I left it to them, also a stack at Alutian islands poised to back it up, so I erected blockers in sz 20, 21, 22, 23, 19 accordingly for can-openers.

    Took my fleet and got an impressive 100+IPC in kills for nothing. had spammed subs, so did he 🙂

    I kept stacking Infantry, the Chinese eventually tried to take it Hong Kong and got BTFO, UK followed up and wiped most of my air force in. Like I said the Japs got around Russia and started picking off the back territories of China.

    Major turning points were the counter attack fail from USA, and the Trump wall I used to get a god like kill ratio again. 0 Pressure on Germany for the whole game.

    For Europe I had some fails, I lost Holland to french and used 2 fighters to support my strat bomb, lost them for no landing. Italy had horrible rolls, there were a stack of planes on malta, UK warships still in play and North Africa got entirely wiped for very little, mid game Italy was being convoyed and was null for the last 4 turns.

    Was looking grim except I used a strat bomber from southern italy to kill a blocker in rostov. I was holding Novograd, belarus, western ukraine, ukraine in a line, factory in Romania had built a transport.
    I had to wait around about 15 minutes for them to try and find a rule against Italian can opener, not good sports. (Air units can’t attack land units alone)

    After the can opener I flooded into volgograd, caucus and kept pushing to egypt whilst spamming infantry from a factory in west ukraine also. Called it quits when Germany had 101 IPCs per turn and the unit box was empty.

    The Allies conducted research a total of 5 times and got it every time
    it was astonishing.
    Russia: Paratroopers
    USA: Radar
    Anzacs had something useless
    Russia later got something naval related
    UK: Super submarines

    I realize my friends were probably not that intuitive since it’s the first match in a year but it was interesting to see, China had tunnel vision on H.K.
    (last match they Attacked Denmark as a can opener and used barely anything to cap Berlin)

    Italy annihilated, then convoyed to 0. Japan being pushed out of China, Germans stuck by a wall of soviets
    30ish Chinese units in play, Anzac with battleships, UK landing troops in Greece, Being unable to strat bomb UK.

    Go to Italian can opener, surprise wall separating Americas fleets and blocking anzacs
    USA annihilated by a token navy, I did not use any Kamikaze tokens.
    Germans blitz Russian territories, strat bomb russia into building 0 troops. Factory in Persia, Iraq, Caucus. India had decent troops also.

    I would say it would be nigh impossible to recreate the events of the match for an axis victory – dumb luck hehe_

  • Russian paratroopers? That’s awesome!

  • I wish I could play like that! 🙂

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