When will the HBG Germans and French Units Be Released?

  • Does anyone have an idea for when the www.historicalboardgaming.com French Units and the “German Set 3” pieces will be released?  I’m in the process of painting the units for all the Global 1940 countries and I’d rather paint some of those units than the OOB.  I’ve been following the French units for a few years now and thought that the German set would be out by this summer.  I thought I’d post here in case someone has heard anything.  If it will take too long, I may just paint some of the OOB units instead.  I’m confident that the HBG ones would be worth the wait, but if plans to release those have been scrapped or may not be in the next year or two, then I probably won’t wait.

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    Shrug… I already paid for my German Set 3… still waiting…

  • they put out a newsletter on august 3rd saying “We also should be receiving our next German Set 3 from China next week, but give us 3-4 weeks to QC and start shipping them to the pre-orders. We will not be offering future pieces in sets but only in pieces in quantity of 5 so please be aware. You will see the sets slowly going away.” So… soon. As to the french, I would also really like to know.

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    Over on this thread…


    …there’s been some recent discussion on the current status of HBG’s projects, and some wishes expressed for HBG to provide some additional news / information via the discussion forum.

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