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Axis & Allies & Zombies

  • One of my favourite computer strategy games, Hearts of Iron, had this bizarre Mod that a user made.
    It’s premise was that gruesome Japanese chemical and biological experiments at Unit 731 began an upbreak of a disease that spread rapidly across the face of the earth.

    Haha! It was so weirdly bizarre. But I became intrigued, I almost feel like buying a bag of zombies, dream up some rules, and see what happens. hehe

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    Please - SLOW Zombies.

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    Please - SLOW Zombies.

    That wouldn’t necessarily help.  If you’ve ever seen old 1950s horror films, you’ll know that no matter how slowly the mummy (or other monster) lumbers along, and no matter how fast the screaming female intended victim runs away, the monster somehow always manages to catch up with her.  Sometimes it’s through an obvious plot contrivance (such as the often-used one in which the fleeing female trips over something and falls down), but sometimes it’s just through the miracles of the editing process.

  • Haha! They wouldn’t Blitz anyway! They would just inexorably advance across the globe, huge stacks of Zombie’s pushing across the Siberian wilderness, down into India, and….floating across the pacific in slow moving hulks?

    Alliances would fracture as the Russians, the Japanese, the Chinese, and the FEC all get pushed back by Zombie hordes. The German War for Leubensraum dies out as the forces of Zombie creep into Moscow. The Russians, panicked by the Zombie pressure behind them, push into more defensive territory in Scandinavia.
    The Chinese refugees flood into Iraq and Turkey. The FEC has fallen with the bloodiest deathtoll ever seen.
    Island nations, like Japan, survive only by stringent dictatorial security, and martial law, but they have been cut off. Every day, bloated diseased bodies wash towards its shore, bringing outbreaks of the disease. But they survive.

    Germany prepares. It has mechanized and armored every division. They have built the Krankheit Line, and intend to hold it. Yet still, America threatens to land in France. Britain aggressively probes its Air Defenses.

    Hehe fun stuff.

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    This sounds a bit like the 1977 film Shock Waves, a horror movie about Nazi zombies.

    At any rate, I don’t think these A&A zombie units need to be stacked.  Zombies theoretically can’t be killed, so a single one per territory ought to do because they’d never suffer any casualties.

  • you mean to play a cooperative game on the axis and allies board , and fight of zombie’s

    take a look at pandamic the board game…
    combine it with the game board and see the disease as zombies and voila…


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    This sounds a bit like the 1977 film Shock Waves, a horror movie about Nazi zombies.

    At any rate, I don’t think these A&A zombie units need to be stacked.  Zombies theoretically can’t be killed, so a single one per territory ought to do because they’d never suffer any casualties.

    I thought a shot to the brain killed them?

  • This is a great idea.

    Not necessarily zombies, but think of an infection like 28 Days or WWZ.

    Pick a host country and turn all to ‘infected’. There’s no buying or economy, every move is combat. As they advance, in adjacent territories all defending infantry casualties turn into infected infantry units (not tanks or planes).

    Any planes or ships that reach another territory spread infection unless destroyed in the air or in the sea prior to landing. Think of it as people fleeing the horror, but carrying the infection as well. Once a plane or ship touches down, it’s replaced with an infected infantry unit.

    The whole time, other countries conduct business as usual. Does Germany attack Moscow to bolster it’s economy while Russia is dealing with the outbreak or does it send the Luftwaffe to patrol and intercept infected? Do Allies work together or board off their borders?

    Maybe infected attack numbers are higher than 1 since there would only be infantry and there would be an element to terror in defending them. Maybe each unit is doubled every turn it’s not destroyed as the civilian population becomes infected as well.

  • Uh…hello. There is a global zombie war game called Zombie State. I’ve seen it and read some reviews. I’ve actually designed a pretty complicated Axis and Allies Zombies game using the Global 1940 maps. I use Fortress America infantry units for zombies as I don’t have any real specific Z sculpts. I’m afraid I made the rules so complicated that people might compare it to Cones of Dunshire. The Zs are pretty slow and certainly not unkillable. I combined the idea of supernatural undead springing up everywhere thanks to Hitler (he gets munched right off the bat and Admiral Donitz takes over what’s left of Germany) with some pandemic plagues. So some Zs can infect you while others just tear you limb from limb. If the players want to just beat on the Zombies they can unite and do that, or if they want to fight each other the Zs get exponentially tougher and rip into all of them. Like “nightmare” level in some computer games. I’ve been working on it for a few years on and off. Max Brooks World War Z novel and the Harry Turtledove Balance novels were a good inspiration for this kind of thing. Let me know if you’re still interested in this game concept. There is actually someone who started this a few years back with the old A and A Classic map and some fun ideas for introducing Zs into WW2, but I’ve always preferred bigger maps and lots of different unit types.

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