• I just received the Axis & Allies D-Day game for Christmas and there are a couple of things that I don’t understand from the instructions.

    First, where do any casulties go that result in actions taken in cards 1 - 10?    Do they go to the Casulty Zone on the Battle Board or are they permanently omitted from play?

    Second, I don’t understand how the Battle Board works.  I’ll try to give an example using the zone at Omaha Beach.  I understand that all land units, both Axis & Allies,  located in this zone are moved to the corresponding column on the Battle Board, with the Allies being the attacker & Axis being the defender.  The Allies player has both infantry & artillery in the second column on the Battle Board.  The Axis player has infantry, artillery, and blockhouses in all 3 columns.  The instructions say the Allies player fires first.  Is a hit determined by the numbers at the top of the Allies column or the number at the top of the Axis column?

    I hope these are not really dumb questions, but I can’t figure this out from the instruction book.  Thanks to anyone for your help.

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    Casulties taken by indirect fire (fire resulting from one side getting to fire like Sea bombardment or AA Fire at planes) are permenantly removed from play… casulties from battles in which both sides take part are first removed to the casulty zone so they can be removed at the end of combat…

    a hit is determined by the number in the column you are rolling in… i.e. on Omaha the Allies place their infantry in the first column and the Artillery in the second which is 1 and 2 respectively… The axis place all Infantry and Artillery in their #2 column and any Blockhouses in the 1 Column 2 and 1 respectively…

    Allies fire first since they are the attackers…they roll 1 die per unit in their first column scoring the following rolls: 1,1,4,3,6,6 - 2 Hits (for the 1’s)… the Axis places 2 Infantry in his Casulty Zones… The Allies now roll for their second Column and roll a 5 and a 4 gaining no hits… the Axis now roll back starting with their first column rolling a 1 and 4 - 1 Hit (for the 1)… the allies place 1 Infantry behind the casulty zone… In the second column you roll a 1,2,3,4,2,5 - scoring 2 Hits (for the 1 and 2)… the allies place 2 more infantry behind their casulty zone… All casulties are removed from the board and the units are put back on the board…

    Hope it clears it up… If it still doesn’t make sense just ask me to clarify the areas that don’t make sense…


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